Sunday, June 29, 2008

Redneck of the Month Award!

He originally hails from New Mexico and does a lot of good things for Children and others at his ranch in New Mexico. The problem is he can't figure out when to engage his brain before he opens his mouth.

Due to this Don Imus gets the Redneck of the Month award. How many radio and TV shows can you be thrown off in a years time.

Just think Don before you speak!

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Willy had some friends just come back from the OC - Southern California. They didn't say anything about needing these guys. Could be because these were a bunch of pastors at a preaching and singing convention.

If Willy goes down there and does something wrong these would be the first people that Willy would call!

10-4 Willy

Saturday, June 28, 2008

No Place to Go But Up!

Most Rednecks would say that swimming under water for an extended period of time is only for fish.

Willy sometimes does a few things that don't always register as the smartest thing in the world and maybe learning to scuba dive is one of them. Especially when the lake is murky and visibility is about 8 ft.

Well, Willy has the wierd looking suit on with about a 50 pound tank of air on his back, a mask, and big fins and is told to make a big scissor step dive off of the boat. Willy is told that when he does this he will automatically go down about five feet and pop back up to the top. Ok - sounds good. Well what didn't happen is that Willy had learned that he was supposed to air up this big ole vest he has around him which is the means that will make him spring to the top.

Willy and the instructor are joking and both forget to make sure the vest is aired.

Well, Willy takes the big ole step and hits the water. Willy waits to spring back to the top. Wait a minute Willy seems to be sinking fast. You see Willy has the 50 pound tank and also a weight belt with 15 lbs on it.(never figured that one out).

Ok Willy don't panic you have an air deal in your mouth and you are supposed to spring to the top. Heloooooo- Willy is still sinking. Willy finally thinks (or maybe panics) and thinks that maybe he needs to possibly start trying to swim to the top. It is at this time that Willy thinks "THERE IS NO PLACE TO GO BUT UP!"

Willy finally hits the top to only find that he had probably gone about 20 ft deep and given great concern to an instructor who was responsible for Willy's life.

Willy pumps up this vest that was supposed to have air already in it, relaxes on the surface and says. You told me not to worry as long as I kept that air in my mouth.

Willy did get a little worried though!

Next time in Willy's vest was pumped up to the maximum and Willy shot out of the water like a rocket with head hardly going under.

Willy is crazy but can learn some things fast.

10-4 Willy

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Abra Cadabra!!!! - 'CRISS ANGEL Believe'

CRISS ANGEL Believe at Luxor Las Vegas is supposed to be one of the best shows that you can see in the Las Vegas Venue. One of the things that make a modern illusionist different than those of a different error is the modernistic approach to illusion. Chris Angel takes a young person approach to this world and makes it come alive. He takes the things that are in our society today and does things with them that are absolutely amazing. You would just have to see for yourself.

And as stated one of the best ways to see the great illusions of today are to see the illusions and performances of CRISS ANGEL, now appearing at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. This comes enthralled in the new Cirque Du Soleil performance featuring CRISS ANGEL called 'CRISS ANGEL Believe'

What is also very neat is the new way that this is also being promoted. You can enter a text contest to win tickets to a performance. Here is how you do that. To enter the current Text Message contest and get currentinformation simply do the following: Text 'Believe' to 22122 to win 2 tickets to 'CRISS ANGEL Believe'.

What could be a better deal than that. He is the great illusionist of today and would be a great show to see.

Try the text contest. You have nothing to loose.

Sponsored by CRISS ANGEL Believe

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hillbilly Willy in the Mt Ida Arkansas Cafe

Willy had a different experience last weekend. Willy was doing something that most rednecks would have more sense than to do. That something was learning to Scuba Dive. Willy believes maybe when you are old and overweight and out of shape and not a good swimmer that maybe you should stay on land. Most rednecks are smart enough to know their limitations, but not Willy. But all of that is another story.

Willy spent the weekend in Lake Ouachita Arkansas near Mt Ida and Willy is glad he did cause it gave Willy another experience in life to write about.

Willy finished up at the lake and went to the Mt Ida Hilton for the evening. After cleaning up Willy went cruising into the small town of Mt Ida Pop 934. Willy was looking for the eating joint with the most cars. The choice was not hard.

The Tasty delight or something like that had about 8 cars around it but it appeared to be outside dining on picnic tables. Willy had been outside all day and he wanted a cool place and sweet tea.

Well, Willy drove on through town - about 1/4 mile and found only one other place the Mt Ida Cafe. There were several cars and motorcycles and Willy chose this one.

Willy walked inside and was greeted by a very pleasant friendly young lady waitress. She struck up a conversation and Willy reciprocated (big word for Willy). Willy asked for the special of the evening and she commenced to tell Willy that it was a big ole ribeye steak that was as good as you get anywhere and it was only $15.99. Willy cant believe it will be that good but immediately says he will take it.

Willy sets down and begins to admire the local clientele. It was obvious that they were all friends or family and that I was the outsider. Willy set for about 5 minutes and admired the local deer heads and possums on the wall. Boy they must be good folks here.

Willy then notices a sign in big letters on the back of the door. NO CHECK CARDS OR CREDIT CARDS - CHECKS AND CASH ONLY. Further inspection showed four other signs of similar nature. How did Willy miss this?

Oh No! Willy began to dig in his pocket because all Willy ever uses is a check card and only carries a small amount of cash. Willy gulps down his second glass of what could be expensive tea as he realizes he has $17 in his pocket. Willy panics.

Uh! Waitress - can you come here. You know you look like a basketball player. What grade are you in. Oh your a 10th grader and you love basketball. Wow wonder if Willy can pay for a $15.99 steak and tea for $17.

Sounds like Willy bit off more than he can chew!

Willy thinks for a minute. In the console of the truck may be another dollar. Willy will dig for it if he has to.

The waitress named Savannah was very nice and friendly (has Willy said that before.) She assured Willy that it might be close but she would let him go to the local atm if he needed to. Oh! she said I forgot this is Mt Ida Arkansas and we dont have an ATM.

Willy ate the steak. It was truly as good a steak as Willy has had in a long time.

Willy drank more tea. The bill came and Savannah smiled when she delivered it as if she liked to see an out of town redneck sweat.

Will picked it up and went to the counter to check out. Savannah rings up $15.99 she hits tax button or something and the register rings up $17.

Savannah smiles and says - the tea was free tonight. How much do you have. $17 Willy says. What about that she says. The cost is $17. I guess you can give
me a tip the next time through.

She stated that it was a pleasure meeting me and hoped I had a good time in Mt Ida Arkansas. She then suggested that I step across the road to the courhouse square where Saturday night Bluegrass gospel was being performed.

I did and it was very good and I thanked the Good Lord and Savannah for helping me out of a jam.

10-4 Willy

Friday, June 20, 2008

Domain Name Scorecard - -What's Your Score?

Have you checked out your domain name scorecard. What is this you ask?

Well, Network Solutions’ Domain Name Scorecard is a FREE quiz that tells you how well your domain name is helping your business succeed online. You can go to their site and answer 3 simple questions and you'll receive a domain scorecard that analyzes your domain name in 6 key areas of domain name success.

Will this help you decide anything about your domain. You bet it will! With this feature you can analyze your domain name and decide what types of changes or things that you might do to improve your domain name or improve its score.

Willy took the test on his Hillbilly Willy site and found out that since it is publicly hosted on a free site it does not get a good score. However, Willy is in charge of another website that has nothing to do with Willy and this site great a score of 6 out of 10. It scored pretty well in all categories.

All Willy can say is that if you want to know how your website name might score and see how you might improve this, you need to go to this website and check it out.

10-4 Willy

Arkansas Razorbacks - Athletic Director

Willy done heard a local radio station this morning interview the Athletic Director of the Razorbacks. He seemed nice but a little cocky.

Willy laughed big when the conversation turned to previous AD Frank Broyles. Jeff Long - current AD said "One thing to remember boys is that Frank Broyles isn't the Ad at the University any more, Jeff Long is.

This set the tone for the fact that there was a new Sherriff in town. Many Rednecks from Arkanas will like that!

10-4 Willy

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Top Wordpress Themes - Free WordPress templates is the place to go when you are needing wordpress themes for your Wordpress powered blogs. This site has many great themes to set the mood of your blog. It is amazing the themes that you can find there. It appears that they have a great selection and you can pick what type of layout you want. There are themes on this page, even a redneck like Willy would enjoy using.

Willy especially likes the Depression theme. But Willy digresses. This is a site that gives you the opportunity to find themes that are suited to your site and gives you the expertise and information to use these themes with ease and comfort. (Boy Willy really outdid himself on that sentence.)

But you have figured out what willy is talking about. This appears to be a great site for most anyone and should be checked out if you use Wordpress or have an idea that you might want to use it.

Willy says a big 10-4.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Willy Predicts Changes If Obama Elected President

Willy predicts that if Barack Hussein Obama is elected President there will be some
subtle changes in America. You might not notice them at first.

They will come on like the degrading of America has come through network television. You know. We used to flinch when some one used mild profanity.

Now we dont even flinch at the trash that bombards us everyday on network TV.

That is the way such things as the change to the White House. You might not even notice its slight change in appearance.

Now you moral Americans probably for sure wont notice such things as the change on the Playboy Magazine since you dont portake in such filth as that! (Honey where is the remote? I need to change the TV to "Two and a Half Men)

What you say - What is that taking over the Mcdonalds sign. Wait a minute that ain't Mcdonalds anymore. Where is the Beef?

Or you might not notice that you are now having a different transportation mode. (How much does a camel drink if you fill up both humps?)

You dont think there will be changes if Barack Hussein Obama gets President.

Wake up and see.

10-4 WILLY

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Willy can Spell Law Suit

Willy saw this one in the news and began to try to figure out how to spell Lawsuit!

Story as reported in the Log Cabin Democrat - Conway Arkansas
Woman claims pharmacy mix-up caused wrecks

A local woman claims a series of fender benders Friday morning was the result of a pharmacy mix-up.

Conway resident Jennifer Starkey Spaeth, 32, damaged seven vehicles, including her own 2001 Saturn, at and around a Sonic Restaurant on East Oak Street. Spaeth said Monday that she started her Friday morning with a trip to Vilonia Pharmacy and Florist to get prescription migraine medication, which she had been taking since December.

But instead of migraine medication, she claims she was given Ambien, a drug used to treat insomnia.

She took one of the pills, she said, which look similar to her usual migraine medication. She said the next thing she remembered was being released from Conway Regional Medical Center and being charged with reckless driving and DWI-drugs.

Spaeth was on her way to work at Jlynn Salon on Locust Street. Jlynn owner Janet Bainter said her employees received numerous calls Friday morning from the pharmacy, saying they urgently needed to contact Spaeth.

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"They kept calling and telling the girls they needed to get in touch with (Spaeth) and that it was an emergency," Bainter said. "Finally one of the girls asked what the emergency was and they said they had given her the wrong pills."

A pharmacy employee said the business was bound by HIPPA law not to disclose any information about the incident Monday.

A report of the incident states that a Conway Police Department patrolman found Spaeth to be "very confused and disorganized" while she was being treated at Conway Regional and that she fell asleep five times while being read the DWI rights form and four times while blood was drawn.

The vial of blood was taken for evidence, Lt. Danny Moody of CPD said, though it could be several days before the sample is processed to determine what caused of Spaeth's apparent intoxication Friday morning.

If taken improperly Ambien is known by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to produce complex sleep-related behaviors including "sleep-driving," which is defined by the FDA as driving while not fully awake after ingestion of a sedative-hypnotic product, with no memory of the event.

A notable instance of alleged Ambien-induced "sleep driving" occurred in 2006, when Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy blamed Ambien and anti-nausea medicine Phenergan for an early morning crash into a Capitol Hill security barrier.

Spaeth said that "as bad as it was, it would have been 10 times worse" if her actions had seriously injured any of the motorists she hit or her son, who was in the car at the time.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Furniture From Home - Buy Your Furniture Here!

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I have recently been exploring the idea of new furniture along with brands, costs and use and I find that this website is very helpful in all of its search aspects.

So if you are looking for just about any type of furniture, look no further this is a website to explore.

That is my thoughts for now.

Cruizinthegalaxie and Hillbilly Willy

I have recently noticed on SocialSpark a blogger under the name of Cruizinthegalaxie. He is listed in my friends category. It appears that we have been in sort of a contest with each other in seeing who could move up in the ranks of most "Props" on Social Sparks.

As I write this he is number 3 and I am number 4. Pretty good for all of those Posties out there. We are behind a couple who have been at it longer and seem to be very prolific.

However, as in Cruzinthegalaxie's behalf he has something going on his site that seems very worthwile. He is focusing on virtual volunteering, blogging for charity if you will and building robot kits.

Both being pretty cool ideas.

So show some interest to these things and a noted blogger and take a look at his site.

10-4 Hillbilly Willy

Friday, June 06, 2008

Willy and the Scuba Diving Fish

Willy has decided to take on a new adventure in the near future. Willy is going to try the idea of Scuba Diving.

Willy took and passed the written test today and the Diving part comes in two weekends on Lake Ouachita.

This is going to be lots of fun and gives an opportunity to explore the world under the water.

I am ready to go. Would like to see some fish - but if I see this one - I will probably run!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

OpticsPlanet–Great Site for binos, telescopes

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That site has a Best Price Guarantee and they offer Free UPS Shipping on most orders over $29.95.

Even if your hobby is looking at bugs under a Microscope, is the place for you.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Poll at the Cantina - Gas, Moonshine, and Corn liquor!

Willy went down to the local Possum Grit - Road Kill - bar and Cantina and thought he would take another Presidential Poll as to whether Hillary should quit and if Obama's Preachers should shut up.

When Willy got to the Cantina no one was there but Juanita the waitress. When asked where everyone was Juanita said that she had kept the fax machine humming - faxing everyone there beverage of choice.

No one could afford the gas to get there. Next week Juanita thinks the beer trucks may not run because of the lack of fuel.

When Willy asked Juanita the polling question she said "yes"

And then she said something very profound. She asked that at the price of gas and the price of corn - how much would a gallon of old time Corn Liquor "MoonShine" cost if delivered to the cantina.?

10-4 Willy