Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Obama and College Debt

Willy's daughter went to college and Willy's daughter has extensive college debt.  It is amazing that it took so much money to get her through college.  She squandered nothing but ending up owing lots.  Willy is on tap to help her pay this.

Obama says he wants to fix it where these kids can pay less each month.  If these kids paid any less they will never get it paid out.  It is on a 15 year pay out now.   Willy's daughter does not need lower payments.  Willy's daughter needs a bailout like the big businesses got. 

It is said that the college debt in America right now is more than the total credit card debt in America.  That is big.

Come on Mr. President give the kids a bailout.  Help them so that they can put money back into the economy.

!0-4 Willy

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Obama's Legacy

Willy saw this one and could not refuse to pass it on.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sorry I am so behind but so much coming! Yes I am alive:) | Health Nut Wannabee Mom

Sorry I am so behind but so much coming! Yes I am alive:) | Health Nut Wannabee Mom

Take this Change From President Barack Hussein Obama

Willy sees change in this country since Barack Hussein Obama took office.  Check out this fact.
National debt, in trillions
           $10.627    January 2009
           $14.052    Now
           +32.2%     change
10-4 Willy 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Willy Older and Wiser

Willy used to brag about how stout Willy was.  When Willy was a senior in high school Willy could grab a 200 lb weight and easily throw it over Willy's  head.   NO PROBLEM - Willy was strong back then!

Now as of last week Willy grows another year older(60) - Willy noticed that it was difficult getting 235 lbs out of bed without Willy hearing Willy's  knees pop and crackle.  OR SHOULD WILLY SAY HE FELT HIS KNEES POP - THE HEARING AINT THAT GOOD ANYMORE.


10-4 Willy

Monday, October 10, 2011


Willy took a little break from blogging the last couple of weeks.   This was not necessarily a chosen thing to do it just happened.  First Willy was tired of writing.  But second and most of all, Willy has had company. 

Last weekend Mrs. Willy's brother and sister and law came in to see Mrs. Willy's mother who Willy and Ms Willy care for.   This is always a challenge but an enjoyable  one.  This took all of last weekend and that is when Willy does most of his writing.  The nights leading up to it and then after were full with other things other than writing also.

Then this most recent weekend, Mrs. Willy's sister and husband along with their two grown children and their 15th month old and 7 month old children were here.  Lots of fun and lots of energy with the little ones.  This made Willy really tired.  

Willy wants grand children but next week not today. 

That is why Willy took a hiatus from writing.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Discount Deal Codes and Geeky Gadgets

Willy is in the market for a Tablet or a Netbook or some other type of gadget like this.  Willy is in this market because his kids gadget laptop has cratered.  When she wants something Willy is like batman and goes to work to find what she needs and wants.

In doing this type of search on the World Wide Web, Willy finds sites that have Discount Deal Codes and Geeky Gadgets.    This site is  geekalerts.com.   Willy almost lost track on this site of what he was looking for because it has not only great gadgets but it also has all kinds of coupons and discount codes.  This site has
Walmart Coupons and Target coupons.  With those coupons Willy can go out and buy the gadget his daughter needs.  

So, all Willy can say is that if you are a geek and you need geeky gadgets, coupons or deal codes then you need to check out all of the information that Willy has expounded on this site.  Do you think that is too Geeky?  If so you may not be a geek like Willy.

We're a website that offers news and information on the latest cool gadgets, quirky gizmos, and geeky stuff.