Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Curing Boredom

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Before I got Directv from www.DirectStarTV.com I was always bored when I was at home. I live alone, and even though I could be doing much more productive things, I have always found comfort in curling up on the couch and watching a good movie or show. Some nights I feel like watching something that I have already seen a hundred times. Two of my favorite movies to watch are Dirty Dancing and Forrest Gump. If I am home, and either of those movies is on, it is guaranteed that I will be watching. I also love to watch bad reality TV. I am currently sitting in the edge of my seat waiting to see who wins this season of Top Chef on Bravo. I also love Full Throttle Saloon on Tru TV. It is about a saloon in Sturgis, South Dakota that is the biggest Biker Bar in the country. I feel like it’s my little window into a life I would never live. The bottom line is that when my friends are too busy to hang out, and I am at home alone, I can always depend on my TV for good company.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Willy's Early Life Continued

Willy left off being born and life beginning in the Panhandle of Texas. Willy was the last of eight children to be born of a couple that moved to the Panhandle of Texas in the early 30's from Central Missouri. Willy believes that he and one other brother was the only ones to be born in a hospital.

Willy's parents had four girls about as close together as children could be born and then waited about two years and started again with four boys. Willy's Daddy

always said that it took him two years to shift gears. So be it. Willy's oldest sister was married and moved out of the house when Willy was less than 2 years old.

Life was simple back then. As stated we lived many miles in the country and other than going to school we went to town once a week on Saturday. Life was simple and Willy never even knew that there was such a thing as a restaurant until he was about 15 years old. We thought we were poor in money but we always had food from the animals slaughtered and always had clothes on our back.

Guess what Willy wore for shirts. Guess who made Willy's shirts. Life was simple.

Next time we might talk about the hog killing, the braceros and the hard work that went on in Willy's neighborhood.

10-4 Willy

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bring in the new year with style

Willy learned early in life that a quality watch . . . . . is one of the finest, most precise, most carefully made mechanisms in the world. Willy learned that because Willy's parents used a great watch as a gift for 8th grade graduation for Willy and all of his brothers and sisters.  That would be eight watches that Willy's parents gave over years.   So Willy's, thinking like his  parents would look for a great authorized reseller of some of the best brands are ridiculously low prices, with FREE 2-day shipping so that Willy can give gifts of great watches.

In Willy's mind that means that Willy will need to give Seiko watches.  Yes, Willy believes that they are the best and this is why Willy would give and receive these great watches over the years. Willy believes that this giving of the great watches is important because watches seem to loosing out to cell phones for time keeping across the younger demographics. But what makes a watch special? The timekeeper is a gift that is important because it signifies the concern of the giver.  The timepiece is important because it has great tech inside of it? and has meaning because it was a gift? That  makes a watch cool sometimes just because of the thought process and kindnss of the giver.   You can't get that from a phone that tells time.

So Willy is saying to give a gift of a great watch that is cool and gives great joy to the receiver.  Make them proud of the watch.  Make it great.

10-4 Willy

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Willy and the Mailbox.

As an out take on Willy's early life one must know that to Willy's mom and dad the Mailbox was an important item in life.  One of the most important things in the day was the trip to the mailbox.  This was not the cluster mailboxes that you see in the city or in an area where there are many houses.  You see Willy and his parents lived about 10 miles from the nearest town and 3 miles of this was down a long dusty rough road.  

Yes, there were no clustered  mailboxes here because there were no cluster of people.  The nearest neighbor was about 2 miles away and it would have been crazy to have commercial cluster mailboxes where everybody's mailbox was together.  That would mean some would travel miles to get their mail.

But as stated earlier, getting the mail was the highlight of my parents day especially as they began to age.  Mail was a life line that brought the weekly newspaper, the local grocery flier or that once in occasion letter from the kids.  Yes, mail was a great thing.

Story to continue later.

10-4 Willy

Willy's Story

About 60 years ago in a small West Texas town Willy was born but was not a Hillbilly in site.  Willy was at that time living on about a 160 acre farm that raised cattle, corn, wheat, and some hay crops.  It was a bright day that Willy was born and a new life was to begin that would eventually evolve to be Hillbilly Willy from the hills of Arkansas.

Yes, Willy was born a flat lander and is now a redneck hillbilly from the hills of Arkansas.  That is where the story begins and where the story of Willy starts.  That is not the end of the story just the beginning.  The story will unfold a mystery to be revealed over the next several months on this blog.  Yes, Willy will tell his story.

Sprinkled between the leaves of the story will be the great informational posts that are done for the money so that Willy can keep the story moving.

Stay with Willy so that you can find out the truth and the truth will hurt your ears.

10-4 for now Willy

Monday, February 20, 2012

Vacation with Orbitz

Willy loves vacations.  Willy loves to go and to do and to find new places to go on vacation.  However when it comes to booking a family vacation Willy finds that this  an be a nightmare for timing, pleasing the wife and in pleasing the pocketbook. Thankfully, however, these days Willy has found that budget-conscious consumers can make sure that they are getting the best deal they can with online companies like Orbitz.  Why does this get you the best deal possible is one of the questions that many people ask Willy.  Well, all Willy’s rowdy friends should know that what Orbitz does is to search through all possible ways to find which travel companies can offer the best deals for the time of your trip.  That is a plus to Willy real quick.  This kind of tool makes the whole booking process a lot easier, and it allows Willy to compare prices based on the time of the trip as well as the airline and the amount of money that Willy wants to spend.   Willy finds that at times this can save hundreds of dollars simply by changing the dates of  Willy’s vacation  by only a few days one way or the other.
Willy finds that Orbitz has a very user-friendly web site that even the non-technology-inclined such as most of Willy’s redneck, NASCAR buddies can navigate with ease, and there is usually an offer of some kind of promo code or special to increase their customers’ savings.  Willy wonder’s how anybody can beat that idea.  You will also find that this site carries the best Orbitz coupons available to the everyday user of their services.
So, whether Willy books a last-minute trip or whether Willy uses it to plan a a great and marvelous redneck family vacation months in advance, Willy knows that Willy can rely on them to help the vacation be a fiscally conscious one.  That means that it will save Willy money.
So, if you don’t find  any immediate direct coupons for Orbitz when you check this out then you might want to check back often.   They are always out there looking to give Willy and all of his
Willy will be getting there often because Willy is ready to go on that great vacation just like all of  Willy’s friends are.    So, if you are ready to get on the road to that great vacation destination, check them out.
10-4 Willy

Painting the House

Life in America today is about painting the house.  The rent house that my daughter and son in law live in needs a little fixing up before that grandson comes in June.  So Willy and wife decided to help out the kids by putting a fresh coat of paint on some of the house that they live in and maybe doing a little cabinet work over to give them some more storage room.

So today is paint day.  This means that Willy has Presidents day off and Willy is working at the kids house on the computer while the painter paints.

Wait a minute!  You surely did not think that Willy was going to paint.  Willy likes to paint as much as Willy likes to have his one tooth pulled.   However, while they paint Willy is going to be doing Internet things that make some money so that Willy can afford to hire the painters.

That is what Willy is doing today.  10-4 Willy

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Valentines day is over
What about you.

?????10-4 Willy

Monday, February 06, 2012

Willie exercise?

Willie has decided he has to get some exercise.   How is willie going to get some good exercise he doesnt know..  Should he walk should run or should he just try to have some fun.

None of the above sounds fun to willie.  What would you do?  Willy wants to live longer but is not willing to do what it takes to stay healthy.

Willy is trying this week to take away all excuses to exercise at all costs.

Rah rah

10 4 Willy

Friday, February 03, 2012

Willy and Tanda Skin Care!

Willy finds lots of interesting things as he surfs this internet thing.  One of them found recently is this site that talks about several cool things.  One of the things that Willy thought was interesting since Willy is getting a little older is this thing that they call anti-aging light therapy

Willy has had some therapy but never any that was claiming to be anti-aging.  This interests Willy and probably will be interesting to many of Willy's readers.  So if you are out there and looking in the mirror and seeing old, you might want to check into this like Willy is going to do.

10-4 Willy

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Six more Weeks of Winter

Willy is proud.  That crazy groundhog in Pennsylvania saw his shadow and this means six more weeks of Winter.  Willy says great.  This Winter has been a very mild one.  Today as the groundhog saw his shadow it was 65 degrees here and very sunny.

Willy spent the afternoon on the fishing bank.  Bring on six more weeks of this type of Winter

10-4 Willy