Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Its about Good Cooking Willy

Grab your longhandles Mama, its cold in the outhouse!!

To heck with all this weight loss stuff.

Lets get down and share good old country southern recipes. This sight will be dedicated to bringing you recipes that will make you feel good. If you are going to feel guilty about eating good country cooking dont come here.

Hillbilly-Willy is an all nonsense, dont spare the butter and fat cooking type of blog. Come here often and find your recipes. If you would like to become a member and share recipes with the world on this site. Just mention it in your comments. Hillbilly-Willy wants your recipes. Come on now lets get cooking. I want this site to bring on the spice and forget the nice.

Cause my theme throughout is Grab your longhandles mama its cold in the outhouse!


Anonymous said...

Come on now. You think your mama is going to that outhouse in todays society. She wont settle for anything but a two holer or maybe a double decker.

Anonymous said...

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