Monday, December 31, 2012

Tweet from Hillbilly Willy (@hillbillywilly)

Hillbilly Willy (@hillbillywilly) tweeted at 5:39 PM on Mon, Dec 31, 2012:
#ABCWorldNews President Obama just proved with his speech on fiscal cliff that he is an A#1 jerk. Why would anyone want to try to work with him.

Instead of saying thank you Republicans for increasing taxes he said look at them they did what they said they would never do.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Help Willy is Falling

Willy is next to the edge of the Fiscal Cliff.

Willy is going to fall!

Does anybody care about Willy

No!  It is not what you think.

They don't Care. 

Here we go!

Will it be a total straight down cliff or will it be a gradual fall!


10-4 Willy

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why there are no School Shootings in Israel!

Our Children are the most precious thing that we have.  It is a shame but the idea of teachers having access to weapons is not a totally bad idea.   

It is sad that our country has come to this.   I see children simply playing outside on the playground very close to a major city street and my thoughts turn to the danger that they may be in because there may be someone crazy out there looking to do harm to our children.

We are in a state where hunting is big and season is in.   But I do not think about the fact that 1 out of every three trucks going by has a gun in it.  My thoughts go to the fact that 1 out of every several vehicles that go by has some one in it that my have some mental illness that cause them to want to harm innocent children.

May God help us!

10-4 Willy

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Where is my Car?

This wasn't really Willy but it sure could be.  Don't laugh if it hasn't happened to you it will.

Several  days ago as I left a meeting at a hotel, I
desperately gave myself a personal TSA pat down.

I was looking for my keys. They were not in my pockets.

A quick search in the meeting room revealed nothing.
Suddenly I realized I must have left them in the car.
Frantically,  I headed for the parking lot.
My husband has scolded me many times for leaving
the keys in the ignition.
My theory is the ignition is the best place not to lose them.

His theory is that the car will be stolen.
As I burst through the door, I came to a
terrifying conclusion.

His theory was right. The parking lot was empty.
I immediately called the police. I gave them my location,
confessed that I had left my keys in the car, and that it had been stolen.

Then I made the most difficult call of all, "Honey," I stammered; I
always call him "honey" in times like these.

"I left my keys in the car and it has been stolen.
There was a period of silence. I thought the call had been
dropped, but then I heard his voice.
"Are you kidding me," he barked, "I dropped
you off!! "
Now it was my time to be silent. Embarrassed, I
said, "Well, come and get me."

He retorted, "I will, as soon as I convince this policeman I have not
stolen your car."
Yep, it's the golden years................

Sunday, November 25, 2012 Internet Service!

Willy is always looking to make sure that he has the best internet service access available in the area.  Willy studies the different types of available access and checks the speed of delivery and cost on each one to see which the best bargain is.   Bargain can be a personal thing and what is best for one person may not be the best for someone else.  Study what I have to say and it may help you out.

 Many times the bargain for the dollar spent depends on the available types of service available to you.  Yes, speed most of the time will depend on whether you have access to dsl or  dial up type service.  Of course  dial-up internet is usually much slower than dsl but is better on cost and many times that may be the only thing available to you.  So you must take into consideration what is important to you as an individual and then find the company that provides what you need and want.

 So if you are an individual looking for internet access or if you know someone that might be looking at different or better internet service then you might want to look at  They specialize in dial-up & DSL internet services in the United States and Canada.  This is a all American owned and operated company and takes pride in offering services at an affordable rate.  There services start at $9.95/mo. for unlimited dial-up internet access.

Willy believes that this might be good for you.

10-4 Willy

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Football Junkie -Gruden

WIlly is ready for some football.  NFL, High School Playoffs and then there is college and the Razorbacks.

Willy knows John Daly and Willy knows that John Gruden is to be the next coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks.  He will replace Bobby Petrino and John L Smith.

Go Gruden --- Go Hogs

10-4 Willy

HubShout - SEO Wizards.

Willy is not just a dumb hillbilly.  Willy also understands about some computer things.  Willy knows that HubShout is the leading SEO reseller in the United States. What does that mean to Willy?  It means that Willy can use HubShout because it offers  the industry-leading white label SEM portal for resellers to offer SEO, PPC, Social Media packages and Email Marketing. Furthermore, all HubShout services are delivered by US-based resources. Each reseller is assigned a dedicated US-based Account Manager to help them grow their business. HubShout was founded in 2008 and the founders have extensive Fortune 100 experience with companies like General Electric, AT&T, Verizon, Ford, Nissan, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and ChevronTexaco.
HubShout also offers great free SEO tools and an awesome Website Grader for bloggers and small business owners who are trying to do SEO themselves.

Wow!  That sounds like a mouthful.  What it really can be is a pocket full of money if you use this type of service to its greatest ability.

That is what Willy has to say today.

10-4 Willy

Murad Skin Products

 Willy would like to think he looks good but if truth be known Willy just looks like an old hillbilly.  Mrs. Willy on the other hand is another story.  She looks really good and that is why Willy might tell her about these amazing Skin Care Products that he ran on to.   She might think that these products might make her even more beautiful than she is now.  Although to Willy that might be hard to do since he thinks she is about as pretty as there is out there now.  

One of the things that she will not need is the Acne Products that are talked about on the Murad products website.  We might just leave that product for some of the younger crowd that has that problem.  Who knows about that one?   Not what Willy would want though.   Now, wait a minute!  Willy did just notice a product for  Age Spots .  That is a product that just might interest Willy.  Not that Willy is getting old but there are those spots that show up on Willy's face that could probably be taken care of by this product.

Well, it looks like that whether one is old and ugly or beautiful or young this site has something for everyone.
Just might be something to look into.

10-4 Willy

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hillbilly Willy -Fun, Food and Whatever!: Obama still giving us away!

Hillbilly Willy -Fun, Food and Whatever!: Obama still giving us away!

Hillbilly Willy -Fun, Food and Whatever!: Obama still giving us away!

Hillbilly Willy -Fun, Food and Whatever!: Obama still giving us away!

Obama still giving us away!

Obama really feels confident. He's overseas already promising 370 billion dollars in foreign aid. Why can't we get 370 billion in aid to me and the people in United States that are hurting.

He doesn't have to buy there be photes are they part of the 47 percent waiting at home for a handout.

Disgusted in Arkansas

10 - 4 Willie

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

I’m trying to get knowledgeable before I go out there and position myself as a real estate agent. I mean, I already passed the licensing exam and everything but at the end of the day I want to know what I’m talking about before I take clients to a new house and they ask me a question I don’t know the answer to! I think that would be the most embarrassing thing I could imagine. I’ve been researching all the school districts in the area and looking online at Oncor Electric Information and even whether or not you need flood insurance in certain areas. For some reason I’m convinced that the more I know the better I’ll be able to sell a property, you know? It’s hard to imagine someone buying a house from someone who didn’t seem invested in the property and I want to be the go-to realtor when you need to hire someone who will do their homework. My parents keep telling me it’s a terrible time to get into real estate and to a certain level I do agree with them. But you know, it’s my choice and selling houses is always something I’ve been passionate about so I can’t wait to get started and make a name for myself in this business! If there was ever a career that had my name all over it it’s real estate! I know it’s a tough market and there are a lot of competitors out there doing the same thing I’m doing but you know, at the end of the day I think it’s all going to come down to the relationships I’m able to create with my clients and I’m good at building connections. I didn’t spend three years in a sorority for nothing – at least that’s going to help me get this business started off on the right foot! At least, I hope it’s going to get me started off well…

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seaside Properties Group - Luxury Condos for Willy

Wow!  Willy ran into this website that is for Seaside Properties Group at Douglas Elliman which is a luxury real estate company located in South Florida. All Willy can say about the pictures that are flashing on this website is amazing!

If Willy was wealthy he would want to buy into the Regalia condos.  Willy knows that these would be great because they are shown on this great website.  Those folks sell luxury oceanfront condos and waterfront estates. Willy would fit in to the buying clientele from this website because they say that their clients are sophisticated, wealthy home buyers looking for a second or third home.

Wow again!  This is website is a great source for luxury oceanfront condos and estates.  Another one that Willy found that is really exciting is the  luxury oceanfront condos at One Bal HarbourThat place looks like it would be a great place to spend a lifetime.   Yes, those are some great  Luxury oceanfront condominiums in Bal Harbour, Florida

I guess that if you have not figured out what Willy is saying it is because you don't have enough money to think like Willy.  No kidding aside, if you are looking for luxury condos or apartments anywhere, then this is the place for you.

That is what Willy has for today except for 10 - 4 Willy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Check out these Blogs - Bar M Country etc.

Check out Willy's Cousins blog about their new adventure to ranch life.  Amusing and interesting.  This is from the wife's perspective.  She is a novice at the ranching business and has an interesting prospective.

Bar M Country

Here is her husband's blog.  A different perspective on life.   Panhandle Poetry and Other Thoughts.

Do me a favor.  Check them out and let them know that Willy sent you.  They are great folks.

10-4 Willy

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Willy wants a used car from Tampa.

Willy is shopping for a new or used car.  However Willy is not in the Tampa area where he could go to and check out what used cars in Tampa that Willy might want for the little wife. Willy also knows that he needs a great price for his trade in and they might just be the people that would give Willy that price that he is needing to make the trade work. 

What Willy really likes about their website is the fact that you can look at the inventory through used car videos and see what is available to buy without even leaving your pajamas if you want to.  Yes, Tampa, Fl is a long ways from Arkansas and Willy knows that he cannot get there to find a car.  However, if Willy could go there to buy his truck, used cars or maybe a SUV then Willy would like them to get him a credit approval and get the car bought.  

By the way do you think that Mrs. Willy would think that Willy could buy her a Ford F 150 instead of an SUV?  Guess that would not be the thing to do when she is looking for an SUV. 

Well, that is what willy thinks about the used car market today and since Willy can't get to Tampa then Willy is going to look locally.

10-4 Willy

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Calgary Real Estate Resource!

It is all about service.  Willy went to check out some real estate sites and to see what was out there and Willy found that slogan on a  Calgary Realtor site.   That statement made Willy look closer at this site.  Was this just a slogan or did this realtor mean it?  After closer inspection and studying about Calgary real estate Willy was convinced that this was not just an ordinary realtor site.  This was a site of a realtor who wanted to help real people find the real estate that best suited what they wanted and needed.

It is not often that a person can get that type of service.  Just take a look at what they offer.  They have buyer services, seller services, mls searches and much, much more.  Do you need real estate in that area?  If you do you should certainly look at this realtor.  It is all about service!

That is what Willy believes.

10-4 Willy

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Peach Suite-Hotel Supplies and Equipment.

 Willy is thinking that he is looking around the web for possible Hotel Supplies or equipment when Willy runs into PeachSuite Hotel Supply.    It appears that this website has a plethora of all of the Hotel Supplies that a great person who has the need for those types of supplies could want.  This at first seems like a niche site for the needs of a Hotel Amenities Supplier.   However, after looking around a little bit, Willy realizes that this stuff is something that many people could use whether they have a hotel, motel or just a great kitchen or home. 

Yes, Willy found great kitchen supplies as well as sheets, pillows and most anything that a person might want just for their great house. Willy found pie pans, white china, roasting pans, and much, much more.  Do you get what Willy is saying here?  This site has everything and you can buy it as you want it.   This is something great.  Willy may just start a Hotel in his home and use this stuff.   Just joking.  Willy does get excited about things like this.

So if you have a great hotel, a motel, a bed and breakfast or if you just want to outfit your home, you should check out this site.  That is what Willy is doing.

10-4 Willy

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Willy wants a news Law!

Here is what is in Willy's craw today.  Where are all of those foreign countries that we help and send money to when they have a crisis or when they just need cash.

Example - Small disaster in timbucktoo foreign country.  USA sends money that we don't have because we are trillion dollars in debt.

Next happening - Hurricane hits East coast of USA.   - Timbucktoo foreign country is no where to be see.  They don't even call up and say we are sorry.

New law Willy wants.   The USA does not send any money in any country unless they sign that they will come to our aid when we need them. 

Why would the USA borrow money from China so that we could give it back to China in Aide.

This country under President Barack Hussein Obama makes no sense.  He is giving the country away.

That is what is in Willy's craw today.

10-4 Willy

Friday, October 19, 2012

Is the RF-1100 the best out there?

My brother recently purchased a Shoei RF-1100 as a way of rewarding himself for finishing his long-standing project of restoring his beloved 1986 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail.  He's been dabbling with that classic bike for the better part of the last decade, and thought that the completed restoration deserved to be paired with the finest helmet available. 
Now, my brother's the motorhead in the family and thus--like Craig Effron and most of my other friends--far more capable than me of judging whether the RF-1100 is really the very best out there, but having handled it and even donned it for a quick once-around-the-block I have to say he's probably right.  Besides being solid and surprisingly comfortable, the RF-1100 has an amazingly efficient ventilation system and an optional breath guard to aid in the reduction of annoying internal fogging.  My only question is, with over thirty color and design styles available to complement the ultra-cool lines of this helmet, why did he choose the solid bright orange?  He's looks like he's riding around with a fruit dropped down on his shoulders. Or maybe that's the point:  With Halloween coming up maybe this is part of his costume as the Headless Motorcycle-man of Sleepy Hollow, the restless spirit of a decapitated cyclist who haunts the backroads of North Carolina with a pumpkin for his head, condemned forever to terrorize all the local rednecks until one of them can produce his head.
     Or maybe he just likes orange.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Big Bird or Grandma?

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $3.89 billion per day since September 28, 2007! ---- This came to mind when Willy saw the plans this morning for a Million Muppet March to save federal funding for PBS.

We can't continue going backwards for ever. Tough decisions have to be made and Romney says he will start making those. 

Who is more important to you - Grandma's healthcare or Baby's big bird. Willy loves both but other sources need to be found to fund one or the other.

Willy's  tax dollars should not be funding big bird.

Your thoughts.

10-4 Willy

Friday, October 12, 2012

Muslim Dilemma




 Muslim Dilemma

Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim Terrorists

are so quick to commit suicide.


Lets have a look at the evidence:
- No Christmas
- No television
- No nude women 

- No football
- No pork chops
- No hot dogs
- No burgers
- No beer
- No bacon
- Rags for clothes
- Towels for hats
- Constant wailing from some idiot in a tower
- More than one wife
More than one mother in law
- You can't shave
- Your wife can't shave
- You can't wash off the smell of donkey
- You cook over burning camel dung
- Your wife is picked by someone else for you
- and your wife smells worse than your donkey
Then they tell you that "when you die, it all gets better"??
Well no shirt Sherlock!....
It's not like it could get much worse!



Thursday, October 11, 2012


Biden says they treat wall street and main street te same.

Did you get your bail out!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Retirement is different for everyone..


 One day, while going to the shop, I passed

 by a retirement village. On the front lawn

 were six old ladies, lying naked on the grass.

 I thought this was a bit unusual, but continued

 on my way. 


 On my return trip, I passed the same

 retirement village with the same six old ladies

 lying naked on the lawn. 


 This time my curiosity got the better of me and

 I went inside to talk to the retirement village

 Administrator, and asked her,

 "Do you know there are six ladies lying naked on

 your front lawn?"


"Yes," she said, "aren't they darlings? They're

 retired prostitutes - they're having a yard sale."



Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Obama and the stars

It appears that Obama is once again catering in asking for the help of the Hollywood stars

Let's hope that he continues to cater to those people who like he has no clue about what is truly going on. Do you want a president who alliance himself with Hollywood or a president who at alines himself with business.

The polls are looking favorable for Romney. Maybe Obama will hang out in Hollywood long enough to kill his campaign.

10-4 willy

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The rose

This is the picture that went with the post this morning sometimes things don't work out the way they should work.

10 -4 Willy

Rose in the fence.

A rose is still a rose even if it appears to grow out of the fence.

10-4 Willy

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hillbilly Willie lost in Boston

Willie and Mrs. really decided to take a vacation.   the decision was made to go to Massachusetts, Maine, new Hampshire, and Vermont. This sounded like a great vacation and it really has been. There have only been a few small glitches in the vacation plans.

Everything went well as long as Mrs. Willy navigated  and Willie drove.  then came the day when Willie navigated and Mrs willie drove . We were using the Garmin on the phone for navigational purposes along with a map. We were going through Vermont to see some covered bridges. Willie said let's trust the Garmin. It lead us 20 miles out of the way and onto a small dirt road. Frustration was setting in and Miz Willie was getting aggravated. The straw that broke the camel's back was when the dirt road became washed out and so narrow that we could not proceed forward. Ms Willie had to back the car up almost a quarter of a mile. As we were backing out there was a car from New York State that was waiting for us to move out of the way so that they could go down the same road. We watched them and when they got to the same place that we were at they stopped. Garmin was leading them astray also.

This was the worst that we were lost while on our trip. We are on the last day of the trip and Willy is blogging. The next worst thing was getting in the tunnels of the subway train in Boston and not figuring out how to go where. But that is a different story for another time.

Willie is using his phone and talking into it to dictate this blog and the voice recognition does not always understand what Willie says.  Willie is trying to make corrections but if something is unreadable just racket up to the fact that willie is a hillbilly lost in Boston.

10 4 Willy

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romney's 47 percent

Willie doesn't understand. The world is giving Romney a hard way to go because he says there is 47 percent of the population who are the victims of believing that they are intitled to government subsidies and not having to work.

What is wrong with telling the truth. There is 47 percent of the population who will vote for Obama regardless because they feel that they don't have to work and the government owes them a living.

Then there are the other idiots that will vote for Obama because they believe that it is okay for this to happen.

The world is crazy.

10 -4 Willie

Monday, September 17, 2012

What is Willy Watching?

Wild Women come to see the Wild Men Jump around and holler.

Blind Auditions carried on a hot bed of anticipation of "WHO WILL THEY PICK"

 A Lady with hardly a breast held in her blouse listening and jiggling.

Stories of desperation and how only music has kept them going.

What is Willy Watching on this Television thing?


10-4 Willy

Friday, September 14, 2012


It's the end of the day on Friday and all that Willy be can say is yea.

To the best of Willy's knowledge the grand baby and the daughter are coming over for the evening and Willy gets to hold the grand baby. It has to be a great way for Willy to cap off a sorry day at work.

The question is should Willy spend his entire weekend spoiling the grand baby or should willy try not to spoil the grand baby before we send him home. No question about it oliver will be spoiled.

10 -4 willie

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Internet Service from

Willy posts about many things on many days and Willy is able to do this because I have such great internet service.   Willy did not realize that there are still some people out there that do not have this access or have not taken advantage of the availability of  this access because of the cost of the internet service.  Well I belive that everyone should have the given right to have internet access.  There are very few places in the United states that no longer has internet access and now there are even less.  If you live in the United States or Canada has internet service for you.   They specialize in  dial up and dsl internet service and the company is all American owned and operated.   They take pride in offering good services at an affordable rate which starts at $9,95 per month for unlimited dial-up internet access. 

This great offer almost sounds too good to be true.  Good service, good company and internet of your liking by an American company.  I guess that this offer does take care of that possible given right that I mentioned earlier.  No longer can someone say that the internet is not available to them at an affordable price.  If this is not affordable then it is not possible to be affordable.If this is not a great product than there are no great product offers in the United States. 

So if you do not have internet service now and are needing the service,  this sounds like an offer that cannot be turned down.  Willy has great internet service and does not need this type of service but certainly believes that this is something that you may need it and want.   Maybe you should log on and check this one out.

10-4 Willy

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do you have a pair President Obama?

The next couple of days will determine if the President is a President or if he is a community organizer.

If President Obama stands around laboring over what to do about the Embassy killings of our Ambassador  and does not react immediately with direct and active force, then it will be obvious that he is not the President that we need he is a community organizer.

It is Willy's fear that he may standing around waiting and trying to figure out how to write an apology for someone making a stupid film.

10 - 4 Willy

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Two Faced Bill Clinton

Willy does not deny that Bill Clinton has a way with words.  lBill can orate with the best of the Orators. 

Willy believes that what you have to worry about is what comes out of or goes into Bill's mouth if you know what Willy means.

The two faced picture is a good illustration that Willy took off of facebook that clearly tells the Bill Clinton story and how we cannot believe what Bill says.

What do you think about Bill.

Can he be trusted! Willy believes that he can be trusted just like we trust Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

10-4 Willy

Thursday, September 06, 2012

What Willy's Cell Phone Sees - Motorcycle Babes?

Willy looked into his rear view mirror on the way to work this morning and this is what he could see.  It may not be real clear but as far as Willy could see was motorcycles riding two by two.  

Willy let them catch up with him and it was obvious that there was a rally somewhere that they were hurrying to.  

A few miles up the road Willy caught up with another large group of cycles.   In both groups there was over 15o motorcycles.  

The thing that Willy did notice is that most of the cycles were driven by men with a motorcycle babe riding behind him.   Willy watched closely because Willy has seen the motorcycle magazines in Walmart magazine aisle and Willy wanted to see one of these hot babes.   What Willy saw was old gray haired ladies whose boobs were hanging around their knees rather than the hot perky ladies that is shown in the magazine.

Willy decided that this must be the over the hill gang rather than the bang gang.

That is what Willy saw this morning.  

You might call it what the Cell Phone Sees.

10-4 Willy

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Obama Secretly Working on Population Control.

Willy was listening to the television this morning and all of the talk about the coming Democratic Convention.   They were saying that as a part of their platform were the following:

Abortion Rights
Gay Marriage

Willy all of  a sudden saw the true picture that no one else is seeing.  Obama is trying to control the population.   How is that you ask?

As Men marry Men and Women marry Women then the amount of children that are born to a marriage will decrease.   One major step to controlling the population.

Second step is to liberalize abortion.  Just as Obamacare takes away the rights of of old people to decide when they need medical procedures and thus shortening their life liberalized abortions will take away the life of many unborn children "JUST BECAUSE"

With all of the above - Population has to decrease.

!0-4 Willy

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Children's Church

The pastor of this Baptist church had called all of the little children to the front of the church, dressed in their cute Easter outfits and had them sit around him.

He said, "Today is Easter and you all look so handsome and beautiful. Today we're going to talk about the resurrection. Does anyone know what the resurrection is?" One little boy raised his hand, and the pastor said, "Please tell us what the resurrection is."
The boy, proud that he knew the answer, said in a clear loud voice, "When you get one lasting more than four hours, you gotta call a doctor!"
It took a solid 10 minutes before the pastor could speak and there was so much laughter going on that his sermon was probabl forgotten - but that boy's voice won't be.
10-4 willy