Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life in America: Illegal Alien HealthCare - on your dollars!

Check out this post.

Life in America: Illegal Alien HealthCare - on your dollars!

10-4 Willy

Answers to Some Comments

I am not sure how but every day or so I am ending up with some foreign language on my blog. I think I have it stopped.

Second - Ignore the dates on the vacation pictures. They were taken in the same week. The problem is that I had not used the camera for a while and did not realize that the date had gone back to default.

I wish I had taken a five year vacation, but no such thing.
10-4 Willy

Monday, July 30, 2007

Press one for English?

I borrowed this one from the Hermit.

Excuse the mild curse word. I don't usually use this word in this context but this seems so appropriate.

It infuriates me to have to dial 1 for english.

Also, my bank ATM asks if you prefer Spanish or English. Why should I have to make a choice.

10-4 Willy

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vacation Was Great - Back to Work!

Ok- Vacation was a great time but it is back to
the real world. Tomorrow is back to work and
soon back to blogging.

Friday, July 20, 2007



Willy's Back Pain - "Freeze It"

Hillbilly Willy done went down to the "Possum Grit Diner and Cantina" the other day to help Juanita hang some red plaid vinyl curtains. Well while perched up on that ladder Juanita kept telling me to stretch a little higher and higher and the next thing Willy knows he done put a kink in his lower back. Man that makes Willy's life miserable.

Willy goes home and kicks back in a hot #3 wash tub of water trying to relieve his back when the little wife comes in with the daily mail. Well, in that mail was a sample of something that Willy thinks will help his back. This is what Willy found:

Freeze It

Willy climbed out of the old hot tub and let the little wife rub this all over his lower back. Man that felt good. Freeze it had a nice smelling aroma that lasted only a few minutes, felt warming to the back and the nice little massage that the little wife gave Willy wasn't bad either. Willy commenced to kick back in the big old recliner for about an hour to see how this Freeze It worked. Well Willy fell asleep and a couple of hours later when NASCAR came on, Willy woke up and watched the race for about an hour before he even thought about his back. When the thought came to Willy the only thought was "Man my back don't hurt no more. That Freeze It stuff is really good.

Willy then commenced to read the flyer that came with the product. Man this stuff is really good and very inexpensive. Willy believes he likes this better than any of that other stuff. Wow! Willy's back Pain and Freeze It. What a deal.

Willy done used his skills and found this little movie clip that talks about this great stuff. Willy thinks all of his NASCAR buddies ought to check this stuff out and watch this movie.

10/4 Willy

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Support the Blue Star Deli

Support is bein rallied by Texas Fred for the Blue Star Deli in Farmer's Branch Texas. It seems that Dave the owner has spoken out recently against illegal aliens in the area and the Hispanic community as well as some of the companies that use the illegals have an informal boycoytt against the deli and he is hurting badly.

Fred is trying to get anyone in the DFW area to go have lunch there on Monday the 16th (short notice) or to send the guy a little cash to help out the cause. His business has been hurt badly.

You can click on the link over Texas Fred's name for more information


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Spring Cleaning - In the Summer

Willy Before the Cleaning Started!

Willy done let the little wife talk him into the fact that the old house needed a little touch up, paint up, cleanup, mopup.... woa now.. Willy started to backup on that and the little wife done said to shutup and gave me a paint brush.

Well after two weeks of going to the paying job and coming home every night and working until Willy can't work no more, the job is done. Well, it aint done but it is all Willy and the wife are going to do. Boy is Willy tired.

Willy when the cleaning was done!

And for any of you that dont live in Arkansas in the summer time, you may not understand the outside part of the job. The weather is 95 degrees and about 90% humidity. It takes Willy's breath away just to step outside. And Willy had to work out in this.

Think I'll get back on the couch and see if the remote still works.

10-4 Willy

Willy Wants a Hotel Room

Willy knows where he can find Hotel Discounts.

John Denver sang that "Life on the Farm is kind of layed back" -Well that can be true, but sometimes it can get hectic and a person just has to get away. Thats when I find that I can go to HotelReservations.com to obtain the best Hotel Reservations around. I have found on this site that Hotel Reservations can help you find great destinations and fantastic deals just a short drive from wherever you are.

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You can book a great cruise at Hotel Reservations web site or you can find something close to home to just go and relax for a few days. This is what I really want to do. About three years ago I took the wife on a big old cruise. I wishes he had known about Hotel Reservations back then. But heck - I didn't hardly even know what the Internet was back then. How times have changed. To now have the world of knowledge at your fingertips and get the best knowledge about where to stay and when to use Hotel Reservations such as those provided by this site.

Well, I digress. I have booked a couple of Hotel stays over im Memphis with an online Hotel Reservations site. That stay worked out very well. The Hotel Reservations were wonderful and everything worked very smooth as I know it will with this site.

If you work very hard to enjoy the farm life like I know most of the readers of this blog do. Then it is obvious that many of you just need to get away.

To do that you need to go online and find your next Hotel Reservations to be the best deal you have had in a long time.

I know you are going to like it.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Flying Things

Willy done thought he was seeing an old M.A.S.H. episode the other day as he was driving down the road in the edge of the Ozarks. Cause you see Willy looks up in the air as he hears a helicopter fly over. What suprises Willy is that there is about a 100 ft rope hanging below the helicopter and it is carrying an orange bag through the air.

That is where it reminded Willy of the episode of MASH where they trade Colonel Potter's desk for something and the only way they can get it out is to pick it up with the Helicopter and fly it out. The last Colonel Potter sees of his Mahogany desk is as it flys off into the sunset hanging from the helicopter.

Well this site really intrigues Willy and he goes back to the Possum Grit Roadkill Cafe and Cantina and asks Juanita if she knew what was going on. You see Juanita is smart and she knows everything! Just ask her!

Well, the story is that this area is very strong in natural gas exploration, called the Fayetteville Shale Gas area and this has lead to a great deal of seismograph work. The helicopters belong to Global Geophysical and in the rough terrain they haul out cable to be hooked to a central reader. They drop these cable bags out and "cheap labor", probably with no green cards, trek out into the area and unfold these into a grid across a full section. These are all hooked up and holes are drilled to allow for small blasts to go off and be read by the seismograph.

After the reading are complete, the "cheap labor" rolls the cables back into their bags and they are again picked up by the helicopter.

An interesting site - for Hillbilly Willy!