Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Willys Monthly Presidential Poll at the Cantina

Willy done went down to the Roadkill Grill and Cantina today and took his monthly presidential poll. Here are the results of that poll.

3 Rednecks full of budwiser for Mike Huckabee.

Juanita and Rosie - Think that Mike is nice but they prefer McCain cause he was one of them POW's

One Yankee want to be redneck was for Obama until Billy Bob shot one of his toes off and then he decided he might be for Huckabee.

Two unknown beautiful ladies in the cantina said that they would vote for Hillary. When asked why they said that with her in the White House she couldn't keep an eye on Bill and he would be free again. When asked what their names were they said something about Jennifer Flowers and Monica something.

Guess Mike one this one but who knows! Lets go to Florida and see if we can get a hanging chad in the primary!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sedona Method.... Catch The Happiness Wave !!!!!

Since its creation in the early 1970s, The Sedona Method has been taught to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The message of this teaching is all about happiness, peace and well being. The question is where does happiness come from.

Well, The Sedona Method leads this happiness wave by teaching you that one should release the emotions that are holding you back from that true happiness and inner peace that we desire. The method concentrates on helping you understand that a feeling is just a feeling and basically you are in control of the feelings. Once you discover that then it is a lot easier to let go of those feelings that are negative and that are keeping you from that peace and happiness that you desire.

This site helps you to understand much of this and gives you the reasons why you might want to experience The Sedona Method. This gives you information about Featured teacher from the mega-bestseller "The Secret," Marci Shimoff, who writes about why she loves The Sedona Method and urges people to use this release technique to let go of negative thoughts and feelings in her new book, "Happy For No Reason"

For you see, it appears that our happiness should come from within and we should be able to control those external happenings and feelings that affect how we feel. Feeling are just feelings and you need to know how to let them go and maintain that happiness and inner peace that we all long for.

The Sedona Method can help you out!

Presidential Race - Rhyme

President Hillary or President Obama - I don't know
Go Ask your Mama.

I'm not prejudice - a woman or a black.
My problem is with the integrity they lack.

Rudy or Mitt, John or even Mike
Look at my blog and guess who I like.

They are all in a frenzy to get out the vote
But who could best the weight of this country tote

I believe the morals of my man Mike
Might be what sways me and what I like.

But if it comes down to President John McCain
Do it and lets get over this election Pain.

(just a meager attempt at rhyme}

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Medical Career Training

Medical careers is one of the hottest opportunities going in todays society. As the "baby boomers" who are one of America's largest groups of adults began to grow into the retirement age they requiring and demanding a greater proficiency in healthcare. This is bringing on the need and desire for more professionals in the medical field.

One of the great fields that I have just researched in the medical field is not that of traditional doctor or nurse but that of being an ultrasound tech. These are also called Sonographer, Ultrasonographer, Ultrasound Technologist, or Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. All of these are referring to ultimately the same job. The field seems to be wide open and professionals in this area are in demand.

Well, how does one become a sonographer? The answer is very simple. You can accomplish this by attending an ultrasound tech school or as some would say an ultrasound technician school.

These schools can be found on the internet by reviewing sites such as "Medical Career Training" site which helps people find the right schools in popular medical careers.

As stated in that site the decision to go into the medical field should be made on ones desire to help others and to have a fulfilling career. This decision should not be based on the fact of the easy ability to find a job or a high salary in the medical career area. A person should understand that these jobs are extremely hard work, they often have irregular and long hours, and you are almost always having to fulfill the demands of clients and patients. But with those things aside, it is a great career if you enjoy helping others.

Yes, a career in the medical field can be researched and then opportunities found by visiting this site.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good ole Redneck of Month Award - John Daly

Willy done got to where he forgets his Hillbilly ways and goes to sounding and acting sophisticated like many others out there. Well, this week Willy done listened to Obama and Hillary duke it out with words and it reminded Willy to think back on his Redneck Heroes.

Well, here is the major Redneck hero of Hillbilly - Willy. Smoking John Daly lives just up the road a few miles here and he is the common mans hero.

John takes away some of the high collared dignity from the sport of golf and takes on the likeness of the common man. John makes us all realize that we can succeed at some things while failing at others.

John has had his successes at golf and promotions but has failed in the act of marriage, smoking and drinking.

I guess you cant win at everything. John has a giving heart and is always donating time and money to local causes. He is rough around the edges.

John Daly gets the Hillbilly "Good Ole Redneck of the Month" award.

Overstock.com's "Game O Love"

Game O Love brought to you by Overstock.com gives you a chance to win that special something for that special person. Doesn't everyone love to win. Winning is especially nice if it is something that is great to give to that love of your life.

The Game O Love starts January 25th and runs through February 11th. Just in time to get your sweetheart that special gift. Not sure if it is one of the things you can win cause the contest aint open yet, but if it is a gift you can bet that Willy is going to go for this 14k 1/2ct TDW Round Diamond Stud Earrings . They would look real good dangling against the little ladies ears.

The game starts tomorrow and Willy has already given his name in the hat for things that might come up. Willy is going to show back up tomorrow to make sure he has joined Overstock.com's "Game O Love"

What could be more fun for Valentine's day than to be a participant in Overstock.com's Valentine's Day Game . Everyone should enter to win. As they say, somebodys got to win. Why not give yourself the chance.

Willy is in the game. How about you.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Willy and Carnival of the Recipes - Comfort Food?

Welcome to the January 20, 2008 edition of carnival of the recipes.

Welcome to you from Hillbilly Willy. Some people say that Willy is backwards and a little strange but this weeks Carnival of the Recipes is entitled "Comfort Food" and some of them are a little strange.

Well, Willy is going to give you all of these recipes that were received under the title of "Comfort Food" whether Willy understands all of them or not. Some of these recipes will have a little comentary by Willy and some will just be presented. Willy's comments will be in red. The comments that come with the recipe is as presented. Please take no offense at what Willy says. Willy is a little satirical in this blog. Whatever that means.

Kick back and relax as Willy takes you on this weeks journey through what people call their "Comfort Food"

Willy starts out by a food presented at EGO: PIROZHKI posted at EGO.
This is claimed to be a food from Finland. Some of the measurements and some of the ingredients Willy dont even understand but if Willy lived in Finland - I bet Willy would like this food.

The next recipe is by Coturnix who presents How to Fix an Authentic Serbian* Sarma (Stuffed Cabbage) posted at A Blog Around The Clock. Well, Willy has a little trouble sometimes with Cabbage (if you know what I mean) and Willy don't have many friends form Serbia. Not even sure where that is at. I suppose it is a little south of Angola maybe!

Deb Bixler presents Tomato Soup with Quinoa » Increase Metabolism & Live Healthy posted at Increase Metabolism & Live Healthy, saying, "This wholesome variation of the traditional comfort food is a great option for vegetarians as it contains high quantities of protein."

Willy done went to the dictionary to find out what Quinoa was and found that Quinoa originated in the Andes region of South America. Here we go again. Willy done found out that several of these folks are a little confused about "comfort food" Grain that isn't really grain from South America in Soup is not real comforting to Willy. Can somebody spell Fried Chicken?

GP presents Start your New Year Right .. and Green posted at Innside Montana-Your Home at the Range, saying, "This time of year, we start thinking about what we could have done better. Maybe you regret how much family time you wasted watching the idiot box or that night you let your kids eat ice cream for dinner. Good news: 2008 is a clean slate. So, what will you do with it"
Well, Willy knows what he ain't going to do with it. He aint going to eat organic pancakes as suggested in this site. Man, so far all of ya'lls comfort food is too healthy. Can anybody spell "grease"

Amanda presents Recipes: Best Meatballs posted at Pajama Mommy.

Now that is a little more like it. Meatballs would fall into my comfort food if their is some Spahgetti with it.

Melanie Rimmer presents Bean Sprouts: Duck Soup posted at Bean-Sprouts, saying, "Duck soup (or turkey, goose, pheasant - whatever bird you've got)"

This really gives Willy some comfort. Bean Sprouts. Willy feels all comfy now!

Ok now. GS is getting the spirit. The word fat is even in the post. Here comes the words BBQ and sausage and Jalapenos. This has got to be comfort food! How do you spell Rolaids?

gs presents The Fatty - Fattystyle posted at Bossystyle BBQ, saying, "A wonderful recipe of breakfast sausage, cream cheese, more sausage and some JalapeƱos all smoked to succulent perfection using wood."

Sunny seems to be working on the right idea of comfort to. What can be wrong with home made bread. Especially if you smother it in a little butter.

Sunny presents Basic Sourdough Bread Recipe posted at Dandelions and Daydreams, saying, "Have you ever wanted to make homemade sourdough bread? Here's a recipe for it. There is also a link to the starter recipe."

Hello? Recipe Bloggers - you tell me. Left this next one in but somehow ole Samuel forgot to throw in a recipe. Has a lot of facts about why Willy should eat Kangaroo but since Walmart dont sell Kangaroo meat Willy has a problem. Thanks Samuel for all that Knowledge. 10-4 from Willy

Samuel Bryson presents Kangaroo Meat – Good For You AND the Environment: posted at Total Wellbeing.

GP says in this next blog (second in this series) that a hot bowl of Chicken soup is what Willy needs. Could be right on that one. Gives comfort when Willy feels bad!

GP presents Surviving Winter Simply posted at Innside Montana-Your Home at the Range, saying, "surviving winter simply... and a bowl of hot soup"

Wow Katy - Willy aint sure exactly what Fennel is but when Willy went to this recipe he found comfort that a nice looking young lady like your picture could be a lawyer in NY and still know how to cook. Ever been to a NASCAR RACE?

Katy presents Orange Fennel Salad posted at sugarlaws.

Melanie Rimmer presents Bubble and Squeak posted at Bean-Sprouts.

This one from Melanie comes to us from the UK. Pictures look good but Willy not sure what part is bubble and what part is squeak!

Marsha Hudnall presents Healthy Recipe: Endive Salad with Pine Nuts posted at A Weight Lifted.

Willy thinks he will pass on the above from Marsha. The only nuts Willy is around is those that go crazy and throw beer bottles after a NASCAR race.

Applebee’s French Onion Soup Recipe posted at Home Life Weekly, saying, "Recipe to make Applebees French Onion Soup" Willy says soup is good. French Onion Soup is Ok. Willy wants to go to France to get some

Expat Chef presents The Expatriate's Kitchen: Battle Orange: Update from the Front Lines posted at The Expatriate's Kitchen, saying, "Comfort food? Gnocchi, my first pick."

This stuff in the picture looks really good. Willy finds comfort in good fattening food and this looks that way. Way to go Expat Chef!

Chris presents Healthy Snack Idea: Walnuts, Pepitas & Berries posted at The Healthy Snacks Blog.
Willy lost three pounds just reading about this healthy snack. My bib overalls are getting loose!

Stephanie presents Stop the Ride!: Homemade Cornbread posted at Stop the Ride!.

Willys agrees - Stop the Ride - Willy would marry someone (if he were'nt already) if they can make good cornbread and Stephanie looks like she has got it figured out!

Kristina Libby presents Butternut Squash and Apple Soup posted at Spicy Secrets: Growing up through food, saying, "I'd love to share this butternut squash and apple soup recipe with everyone! Please check it out in my blog!"

Checked it out Ms. Libby - you can share it with Willy anytime!

Stefanie Hutson presents Lipstick on a Pig – Cooking with McDonald’s posted at Vat19.com slash Blog.
McDonalds will love this one and it is comfort food. Several recipes made with the major ingredient from McDonalds. Works on the NASCAR Circuit

Chief Family Officer presents Last night's dinner: Baked Fish posted at Chief Family Officer.

Chief Family Officer probably is cooking some good healthy fish, but to Willy good fish is fried Catfish or raw oysters. Willy backed up real quick when he seen the name in the recipe "Cooking Light" Their aint nothing Light about Willy.

Melissa presents King Ranch Chicken posted at A Penny Closer.

Melissa gives this one a little Mexican and a little chicken and makes it cheap. Good idea. But Willy went to the King Ranch one time and the only Chicken he seen down there was a Ranch Willy heard was on the way. Chicken Ranch - Ever heard of that one!

OK! Here are a few that I missed the first time around. Hope I get everything in.

Lisa Knight presents Lisa's Cookbook: Apple Crisp posted at Lisa's Cookbook.

Christine presents Chicken in Red Sauce: All Natural, No Sugar Added posted at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France.

Amanda presents Cottage Pie an Aussie Recipe - Try it out!

Steve Bainbridge presents Stuffed Rack of Lamb with Roasted Root Vegetables posted at Professor Bainbridge on Wine.

FitBuff presents How to Make Tortillas Healthier - Go Blue! posted at FitBuff.com's Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog.

New Old-Fashioned Gal presents Warm and Fuzzy Maple Cinnamon Oatmeal posted at Diary of a New Old-Fashioned Gal.

Easter Recipes presents Thai Pandan Chicken Recipe posted at Easter Recipes.

Bonnie presents Mexican Spoon Bread with Sauce posted at Free Recipes Online.

Famous Recipes presents Best Recipes: Peanut Chicken Salad posted at Famous Recipes.

World Famous Recipes presents Chili Recipes posted at Recipes.

Chicken Breast Recipes presents Chicken Breast Recipes - Quick Easy Cheesy Chicken posted at Chicken Breast Recipes.

Online Free Recipes presents Kielbasa and Bow Tie Soup posted at Online Free Recipes.

Diabetic Recipes presents Diabetic Recipes: Grilled Salmon and Citrus Salad Diabetic posted at Diabetic Recipes.

Turkey Recipes presents Turkey Tamale Pie posted at Turkey Recipes.

WFR presents Crispy Fried Cabbage posted at World Famous Recipes.

Kathee presents Pancakes - Whole Wheat Corncakes posted at Pancakes

Bill presents Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Shrimp posted at Famous Recipes.

Shawn presents Lowfat Baked Honey Mustard Chicken posted at Recipes for Chicken.

Chicken Recipes presents Chicken Recipes - Chicken Trinidad posted at Chicken Recipes.

Slow Cooker Recipes presents Family Swiss Steak posted at Slow Cooker Recipes.

Shawn Lea presents Sausage & Pepper Stew over at Everything and Nothing

Piroghi From Kevin --- a recipe requested by a carnival friend....

World Famous Chili Recipes from someone?

That concludes this edition of Comfort food on Carnival of the Recipes. ( 10-4 Willy )

Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of the recipes using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Fred Thompson - Take a Bow

OK Fred Thompson, at one time Willy and the NASCAR nuts backed you 100%. We helped draft you into this race whether you wanted to be here or not. Now as time goes on, it is obvious that you really dont want to be here.

You have some neat qualities such as being laid back, irreverant and sometimes funny but if you dont win South Carolina, and it is obvious you wont, bow out, endorse Huckabee and lets move on.

We need to get everyone behind someone that can win this thing and the Huckster has what we need.

My thoughts for now!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Trusted Tours & Attractions - Go Some Where!

Las Vegas Baby! That is what we here all of the time, but one of the best times that I have had in many years was in Las Vegas. This was several years ago and I am sure things have changed now, but we had the times of our lives. We played the games of chance until the wee hours of the morning. We went to a great Las Vegas Show and then we ate at a great Las Vegas Buffet.

It just doesn't get any more fun than that. Or does it? Now days they have great sightseeing tours that you can take that will give you ever aspect of the city you are visiting. This is what
Trusted Tours & Attractions does. They give you the opportunity to see the town as you would not see it on your own.

Well what could be a greater experience than going to somewhere like Las Vegas getting a great Las Vegas tour .

Well let me tell you what makes it even better. You can review these types of tours and places to go at Trusted Tours & Attractions and sign up for their newsletter. This will get you a chance to sign up for the Newsletter and the chance to Win Handheld GPS .

That is how good this can get. Try it out!

Willy and the Carnival of the Recipes - Part 2

Join the Carnival of the Recipes BlogRoll and easily put the Carnival of the recipes on your Blog. This will update your website each week with the new Carnival of the Recipe.

You can do that by clicking here and emailing Willy for the code. Take that code and paste it into your side bar. Each Week Willy will update the BlogRoll and your site will automatically have the newest Carnival of the Recipe on your website.

Get Ready for Valentine's Day at CouponChief.com

Great to have such things as online shopping coupons . With this type of website a person can work towards meeting his New Year's Resolutions by getting great things such as reduced coupons to Weight Watchers. Yes coupons to Weight Watchers might be just what some one needs to get that weight under control - like me!

Another great thing about having online shopping coupons is to be able to get discount coupons to such things as Staples. This way you can get those final necessary gadgets to go with those gadgets you received for Christmas. Yes, you know that we go to Staples for those electronic gadgets and by the way they have office supply solutions - in case you need that to.

Well, regardless of what you are buying, chances are you can find a discount coupon for it at CouponChief.com.

This is a site you will want to check out

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Willy and the Carnival of the Recipes

Get the recipe Blogroll to the right. Check this out to get it.

Well, there is this Carnival thing out there where you sign up and join something kind of like a webring and you tie in with websites that have similar things going on or interests.

Willy signed up a while back to be a part of the Carnival of the Recipes and Willy thinks this is a good idea. It gives Willy the chance to see other recipes other than just his redneck cooking. Sometimes Willy sees some recipes on their that are pretty good. This week this carnival of the recipes is hosted by The Common Room.

There are some pretty good recipes there and I like to link each week to the Carnival for that week. Well, I have found that the best way to do that is to do a blogroll on the side of my blog and each week I can just add to that and it keeps it updated everywhere.

If anyone would like that blog roll email me at Hillbilly Willy and I will give you the code which will allow you to put this on your site with the title above it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Did You Hear It?

What is Pay-Per-Play Media?

Net Audio Ads Pay-Per-Play (PPP) is an online media channel that plays 5 second audio advertisements on websites that place the PPP code on their web pages.

Audio ads are only heard on web pages where the website owner has placed PPP code.

PPP audio ads will be contextually related to the text content (readable content) of any web page where the PPP code is placed.

The audio ad is only 5 seconds in length and a website visitor will only hear one 5 second advertisement per visit to any specific web page where the PPP code has been inserted. The visitor will only hear one audio ad for every 3 minutes they visit if they have already heard an audio ad on another page of the same website.

Pay-Per-Play is now in huge demand by major branding advertisers all over the world. As of 12/29/2007 the Pay-Per-Play network has grown to over 6 million websites.

How Does Pay-Per-Play Work?

PPP audio ads play as soon as a visitor arrives on a web page where the PPP code is inserted. The audio advertisement is only heard and not seen and requires no action from a website visitor.

One of the main benefits of running PPP ads on your website is the fact that you never send visitors away from your site. This allows you the opportunity to continue to earn from your visitors.

PPP audio ads play automatically for 5 seconds so website owners need to choose specific pages of their website where it is appropriate for their visitors to hear a single 5 second audio advertisement.

It is up to the website owner where they will place audio ads.

So there you have it. Sounds pretty cool doesn't it. Get paid for a short audio ad on your website. They hear it- they buy it and you get paid. What could be better than that.

Maybe you should visit this site and find out if Net Audio Ads is the right thing for your website. Making money and having fun to. Great idea!

Michigan Primary?

Huckabee was making the rounds today, first in Michigan and then in South Carolina. I wonder who is running ahead of the race in todays Michigan vote. Guess I had better check the polls.

In the latest RealClearPolitics average of Michigan polls, Romney is leading McCain 29 to 26.3 percent. Mike Huckabee is at 16.3. Everyone else — Fred Thompson, Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani — is under six points.

Go figure.

Monday, January 14, 2008

"We're All Stars" - on YawpBox.com

One of the neatest things brought about by the internet in the last couple of years is the success of user-generated video. It has become so big that it is creating an impact in many factions of life. Just think that the idea of user video is being used in and impacting Presidential debates.

Well, in this line of thinking have you tried out YawpBox yet? It is the newest idea in this revolution of user-generated video on the internet. It is promoted what is called YawpBox TV.

YawpBoxTV is a 30 minute weekly "magazine style" show, filmed before a live studio audience in Dallas, Texas. YawpBoxTV will be the first television show where the content is completely generated by the users of a social networking site. On the show Lex and Terry contemplate popular user uploaded vidoes from YawpBox.com, introducing the estabilished user community to the people behind the profiles. While uniting fans world-wide YawpBoxTV entertains with raw and witty commentary, offering fresh content and honest laughs.

This gives rise to the fact that you can get your 15 minutes of fame on YawpBox. YawpBox will allow the average person to create footage for large audiences, upload those to the website and then possibly use these in their TV Show. This will be done on the Lex & Terry challenge. This is the homework assignment that is given out on the nation wide radio show and TV show directing audience to create specific user generated content. These catagories can be viewed under the Lex & Terry challenge section of the site and these are then used for the show.

Great Idea - Right? Get on YawpBox and get your videos summitted as soon as possible.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Buffalo River - Arkansas - Great Place

Willys says come to Arkansas and check out places like Dug Hollow on the Buffalo National River looks to be a really nice place.
The Buffalo River is one of Willy's favorite places but Willy ain't seen much of the River. Maybe this next year Willy will get the chance to do more exploring and check out places like this.
Here is more info on the Buffalo River:
The nation�s first federally protected stream (1972), the Buffalo River flows roughly 150 miles and includes nearly 95,000 acres of public land along its corridor. The stream descends nearly 2,000 feet through layers of sandstone, limestone, and chert. One immediately obvious result is its many bluffs -- the highest in all the Ozark Mountains. Hidden away, ready for discovery, are other geologic marvels -- springs, caves, waterfalls, natural bridges, and box-like canyons, where trails are abundant.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Clean on the Go!with Salon Grafix

When it comes to shampoo Willy knows good products. This is because of the beautiful hair that Willy likes to keep so well groomed. But can you imagine what it would be like if Willy didn't have the opportunity to groom his lovely locks?

Well, that time comes every year. Yes, when Willy goes to deer camp in the wilderness, he has no hot running water in his camping trailer and therefore is very reluctant to wash his hair. It could get pretty nasty out there.

Well, this may not be what a high classed product like Salon Grafix is touting is typically used for, but this dry shampoo that they have sounds like a great idea. This would especially be great on a time mentioned above.

Well, think of other times that maybe higher classed folks maybe able to use this type of product.

You have a great date that is picking you up after work, but you end up working late and when you get home you dont have the time to shampoo your hair. There you go! It is the opportunity to use a Spray Powder Shampoo. Another great example of its use and the reason to keep it around in an emergency situation. .

Well, being the partaker of great hair products, Willy could probably give many more examples, but I believe you get the picture!

Great products for on the go people are great to have around. You should try this out! And by the way, did I mention that it is available for different color hair. What want they think of next!

Huckabee Momentum - Check it Out!

Check out the Huckabee Momentum Blog. Great support for Mike Huckabee. Please review this video and click here if you are interested. Mike is the man for the Job. Honest and dependable.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Iraqi Basketball Player

A University of Memphis Tigers scout flies to Baghdad to watch a young Iraqi play basketball in a new American sponsored league and is very impressed with a young Iraqi player. He arranges for him to come over to the US and play basketball on scholarship.

A few months later the Tigers are down 10 points to the Louisville
Cardinals with only 5 minutes left. Calipari gives the young Iraqi the nod and he goes in. The kid is a sensation, scoring 5 three point goals in?? 5 minutes and winning the game for the home team Tigers!

The fans, players and coaches are all delighted. Even ESPN loves this new star!

When the player comes off the court he phones his Mom to tell her about his first day of NCAA basketball.

"Hello Mom, guess what?" he says in an Iraqi accent. "I played for 5 minutes today, we were 10 points down, but I scored 5 three pointers and we won. Everybody loves me, the fans, the media, they all love me."

"Wonderful," says his Mom, "now let me tell you about my day. Your father got shot in the street and robbed, Your sister and I were ambushed, raped and beaten and your brother has joined a gang of looters, and all while you were having such great time."

The young Iraqi is very upset. "Mom, I'm so sorry."

"All you can say is you're sorry?!?!?!?!?" says his Mom. "It's your fault we moved to Memphis in the first place! "

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

PayPerPost Blog of the Day - Thanks!

Nice to be recognized as PPP Blog of the day. Couldnt happen on a better day. This is my only childs 25th birthday.

I do have three other blogs - Life In America! And Arkansas a Great Place to Live. and Cooking it Up with Willy!

Hillbilly Willy has been falling behind lately in PPP due to a out of the blue drop in Google Page Rank to 0. That and Life In America both dropped to 0 whild Arkansas a Great Place to Live stayed at 3. Makes no sense but I am at least glad that I have that to fall back on.

Thanks to all who dropped by.

10-4 Willy

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Huckabee - Takes Iowa - On to New Hampshire?

Mike Huckabee feels that he had a great victory in winning the Iowa Caucus. He did overcome great odds to get there. However, the question is can he maintain that momentum into New Hampshire in five days.

New Hampshire will be a different story. Huckabee has faltered on foreign policy recently and this may hurt him.

Great run so far Huck. But this ia a Marathon and not a sprint. Maybe losing all of that weight and getting into shape will pay off.

My thoughts for now.