Friday, August 31, 2007

Fred - what more needs to be said!


The Blackjack i607 Cell Phone

Check out these cell phones and Cell Phone Plans. They are awsome.


  • Have you seen the new Blackjack i607 . The Blackjack i607 gets you up and running quickly with the tools you already know: Windows operating system, Internet Explorer, Outlook email synchronization, and intuitive QWERTY keyboard. It all feels so familiar! And so fast, with 3G high speed data access and quad band world phone.
    And when work is done the Samsung Blackjack i607 for sale on this site gets playful, letting you:
    view on-demand streaming video from TV providers like HBO,
    download music from Napster and Yahoo!
    surf the web with near-broadband speed,
    take photos and videos,
    and listen to mp3s or Stereo Bluetooth.

  • All that and more is packaged in one of the world's most stylish housings. The Samsung i607 Blackjack body has striking details, a user-friendly design, cleverly hidden antenna and a streamlined size (just ½" thick) that makes normal cell phones seem bloated and outdated.

Here is what they say on their website:
The Samsung i607 Blackjack - For Sale Elsewhere, But For FREE* Here The Blackjack i607 retails at $499.99 but is FREE from after instant discount and rebates with a new Cingular Wireless account.*
PLUS for a limited time only, the Blackjack i607 comes with a FREE Anycom Bluetooth headset ($60 value). So if this is the multimedia phone you know you want, order now. You'll save $559.99!
Cingular Blackjack i607 Review - Is It Right for Me?
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Willy thinks this Cell phone would be a great deal!

Hog Wild BBQ and More Hog Wild- Go Razorbacks

Thanks to Panhandle Poet Willy has done found another blog that takes on the BBQ aspect in a great way. The site is Hogwild BBQ and it looks great. Willy aint had the chance to survey everything on it but Willy done knows that with the word Hog in there that it will be good.

The reason is Willy likes pork and Willy likes the Razorbacks. Many sites about the Razorbacks has HogWild in the name.
Or check out the Cheerleaders dancing to Hog Wild!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Willy Goes to Traffic Court?

Willy found this site that can really be helpful to people at different places in the country. The site is designed to help people quickly and easily find out where they would go for information about the traffic court or criminal court in a certain jurisdiction. This site appears to be growing quickly and adding new areas all of the time. The site also allows you to "drill down" to certain court sites and leave informatin that would be helpful for others about that court.

Willy thinks all of this is a good idea and that the website could be very helpful in instances such as what Willy has to say below:

Traffic Court is a place that Willy don't want to go very often. It is very tough in Arkansas but Willy got to thinking what if he was stopped in California - around the big Airport. Willy flys there and rents a car and drives sometimes. What would Willy do if he gets stopped and they say "Willy you got to show up at Traffic court.

Well, Willy done figured out that he would go to and would search to find the right traffic court. As smart as Willy is he would find out that he has to go to the page for Los Angeles Traffic Court - Airport. Willy would go there and tell them folks in California how he needs to pay this ticket and get out of that there wacky state and go back to Arkansas

10-4 Willy

Darren McFadden For Heisman

Go Hogs

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Good Life - Retirement?

Willy just had the opportunity to walk over an 80 acre tract of land for sale. Mostly woods. Has a major creek running through it with the evidence of an old swimming hole. Deer abundant. Saw many turkey tracts. - Man Willy wishes he had this piece of ground.

Believe this is what Willy would want when he retires. Makes Willy want to retire.

But then I get in my email and find something like this talking about retirement:

I worked forty-five years for someone else, so that I could retire. I dreamed of sleeping late and sitting by the fire.

I dreamed of long vacations enjoying stage and song, but let me set you straight on that concept, it is simply wrong.

I did junk my safety glasses and the work boots that cramped my toes, but the rest of it had a mind of it's own and this is how it goes.
My wife had been thinking of retirement and had plans of her own. She had spent much time with the kids but now they are gone and grown.

We sold our cattle and horses so we wouldn't have that chore. I poured concrete over my alarm clock, but I still wake up at four.

I get my eyes checked on Monday. Ann gets hers checked the next day. I go for a colon check on Wednesday and pass my wife going the other way.

I have a dental appointment on Thursday. Ann goes for a test on her heart. Friday we go get prescriptions filled and browse a while at Wal-Mart.

Saturday we just stay home and try to get the paper work right. We can't take any overnight trips 'cause we can't see to drive at night.

Restroom confusion keeps us out of church on Sunday and we really do hate that. There's nothing wrong with the restrooms we just can't remember where they're at.

We don't need to plan next week. Just make sure we can drive and not forget where the hospitals and clinics are. We'll need them to survive.

Once a week we visit the cemetery and it seems more like home each time we go. I look around at the headstones and see everyone I know.

So, don't build your castles too high, my friend, while strolling through the clover. This is a typical week in retirement and on Monday we start all over !

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Willy's Been Exposed - Hide My IP Address

Willy done found out that everything he does on line can be traced back to something called an IP address. When Willy found this out Willy wanted to know how to hide IP address.

Well as usual Willy went out to the Internet and found the site Hide My IP Address

This great site tells you all about what an IP address is and how that IP address tracks by a number everything back to your computer. Willy finds that this might expose you to others finding out a lot of information about you. Maybe anything on your computer is exposed to the public.

Well Willy don't like being exposed. People might find out some real important facts about Willy that the world don't need to know.

Well the good thing about this site is that they can tell you how to fix this problem. They can give you the tools and tips to hide your IP address.

This is good to know.

Willy believes all of his friends should go to Hide My IP Address and check it out.

10-4 Willy

Razorback Football

Willy done got an idea for reviewing razorback football for this season.

Stay tuned for more ideas.

10.4 Willy

Friday, August 24, 2007

Willy Ain't Dumb - says Quiz Rocket

Quiz Rocket has 18 trivia quizzes and funny personality tests, with new quizzes added every week. These free trivia and personality quizzes are professionally written and fun to take. Users take the quiz, then see some offers from advertisers based on their quiz responses, and then they receive their score and badge. Quiz completion badges can be posted on any blog or MySpace page. (See sample badge images). To date, quiz topics include the Dating Personality Quiz, Religion Test, Intelligence Quiz, Office Character Quiz, Where Should I Live Quiz, Personal Fashion Style Quiz,Cooking Quiz, Reality TV Quizzes, Dumb Test, Pop Culture Quiz, One Hit Wonder Songs Quiz, Pop Music Quiz, Gay Guiz,Online Bible Quiz, Teen Personality Quiz, Lesbian quiz, and the "Impossible" Quiz.

Go there and take the the Dumb Test .

Company Meetings

I go to company meetings. They take me away from home. Out of my bed. Away from my wife. They try to give me the opportunity to mingle with people in my organization that I don't know - most of them much younger - and with whom I have nothing in common.

I used to enjoy such things. But the older I grow, (closer to retirement age) they seem to be much more just a necessary evil. It would be different if the meetings were for real training or knowledge involvement. However, we golfed and socialized for about 5 hours. We met for about 5 hours and went over very basic information - designed for the very beginning younger people. None of the information was new or informing.

I really believe the meetings are more for management to get a feeling that they are trying to bring comradre to a company. I guess it is ok.

Just make it close to home so I can be in my bed at night.

I believe I had rather be fishing.

10-4 Willy

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dancing Shrimp and is the place to find out how to make a great shrimp cocktail .

I got so thrilled about shrimp. I like to grill shrimp. I like mini shrimp on salad. I like shrimp dipped in melted butter. There is'nt much of a way that I do not like shrimp.

I made a shrimp dance. Not much but it is a mini shrimp just dancing and Willy Singing.

10-4 Willy

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chuck Wagon Races - Want to be Cowboys!

Talk about a true Cowboy and the cowboy way of life -- Check out the founder and story about the National Championship Chuckwagon Races in Clinton Arkansas. Founder Dan Eoff is an interesting guy.

Also check out the Race Site and song about Eoff on their official site.

The Great Wagon Race

Texan in New York?

Ran into a blog from a person in New York who is a misplaced Texan. Check out her blog and food. Some good recipes there. Willy really likes some of these. Especially the tortillas.

10-4 Willy

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Furniture Store

Wow! Willy done thinking about a new house and with a new house comes new furniture. So Willy done been looking across the internet to find the best furniture store on the world wide web. Well Willy believes he has found the right place.

That place is Houston Furniture is what it is all about at

Just look at this big old bed that Willy done picked out. Man- Willy always wanted a big four poster bed with glass over the top. Wonder if that is a mirror. Willy thinks this big old bed looks elegant. Willy thinks he can take this big old four poster bed and put out in the double wide and it will really spruce the place up. Man this bed even has several other pieces of furniture that goes with it. If this bed ain't about the prettiest bed Willy has ever seen, Well then Willy will quit going down to the Possum Grit Road Kill diner and Cantina.

That would really upset Juanita down there though. Wonder if she would like to come see this bed if Willy buys it.

Well, Willy has a lot more looking at furniture to do and needs to get back to that website called and look more at this great furniture store .

Willy believes all his NASCAR buddies need to look at this stuff. It is really good.

10-4 Willy

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hillbilly Beach Bum

Wished I were still in Mexico being a Beach Bum. Stumbled on to this song. Kind of like this one.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Apreciation for Mexicans!

I was raised in the Panhandle of Texas in the 1950's - 1960's. Our farm was very much a cotton farm that in those days was labor intensive. This was much before the great cotton harvesters of today and the cotton harvesters of that day were initially Mexican labor - here legally- called braceros.

At the age of three or four years old an Old Mexican named Romaldo would allow me to sit on his cotton sack and he would pull me down the road. I was not a small child and this was not an easy fete. If you don't understand about this labor intensive job read this essay about "picking cotton"

Well, today I write, rant and rave about the illegal aliens in this country and how they are causing many problems with healthcare, jobs and many other aspects of American life. Many times when I discuss illegal aliens the Mexican population is mostly what I am discussing. The reason is that I have lived in Texas and now in Arkansas and the Spanish speaking people are very prevalent.

Well, in all of this I make a mistake as do many people of classifying all of these the same. The truth is that there are many Spanish speaking people in the United states that are just as legal to be here as I am. For this broad classification I apologize.

However, for all of those that are here illegally, I have no apologies. I simply say to them - get it right or get out. Illegal is illegal. If I steal, that is illegal and I pay the consequences. If you are here without the proper documentation or papers, that is illegal--pay the consequences.

Now to the other matter. I recently vacationed in Old Mexico. Because of American affluence we are sometimes able to have opportunities to go to things such as tourist resorts that are built in countries such as Mexico because of two things. Beautiful areas and cheap labor.

Well, as I observed Mexican men and women graciously waiting on me hand in foot for meager wages in a Mexico resort, it brought me to realize why they might possibly want to come to the United States. Where else could they have the opportunity to succeed and gain the wealth to be able to afford the type of luxury that they are giving to me.

The United States. They see this seemingly affluent life style and gain a desire to have a small part of it. They sacrifice even to the extent of being illegal to get what I appear to have.

As I proceeded out of the walls of the resort area on an excursion, I viewed the Mexican men and women at the end of the day, walking and bicycling across the road and into the Mayan woods to a small meager house with few amenities to spend the night so that they can gain some rest and come back and serve me another day.

This makes me have a greater appreciation for those here and there.

However, it does not change my mind about what is legal and what is illegal.

They need to get it right if they are going to stay.

Just a little seriousness on Willy's Part!

10-4 Willy - Willy gets his ties there!

Willy done decided the other night to take the little wife out for a fun time on the town. Well the little women likes to dress up and go to fancy places and Willy done decided he might just dress up and look good rather than wearing his overalls and wife beater.

Well as usual Willy went to the internet and he found a site that brings out the best in mens and womens clothing. What Willy found was the place that had Belisi Fashions . Well this is nice stuff.

Willy done found him some nice ties to wear with his fancy suit and Willy found that he might just buy the little lady a nice handbag in the future.

This is really nice stuff. Willy even found this picture of someone dressed properly on that site.
Wow! Willy thinks all of his NASCAR friends need to go to this site and find something to wear to the dance after the big party at Taledega. Look at the picture. Kind of looks like Willy d0esn't it.

Well Willy knows good stuff when he sees it and he knows that the clothes, ties and other items at BELISI is good stuff.

You can read more about these fashions at Belisi Fashions Press Page

10-4 Willy