Thursday, April 29, 2010

Willy wants "Deer Off" his Garden!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Deer Off. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever tried to have that great garden on your nice little garden tract just out in the country and found that about all you are doing is planting a deer food plot. Well Willy has done that and it really ticks Willy off. By the way did you know that the ticks that deer carry can also be carriers of the tick fever that can really make you sick. Wait a minute Willy got side tracked.

What Willy is really wanting to talk about is a product called Deer Off which Willy has read about and has discovered that it is a great deer repellent out on the market today. This can be a great part of what you can learn about deer control that will let you once again have that garden plot.

So what Willy is saying is that with this product you can keep the deer away from your property and you can control the garden eating issues and control the ticks that enter your property by way of the deer.

Another great fact that you might find useful is the fact that Deer Off now comes with a power sprayer that makes it easy to apply the product and get in place fast and easy. How great is that, a product that is easy to apply and is organic as well.

Well, just as Willy has learned about this product you can do also and will soon know that if you have deer issues, you can have a deer solution.

Visit my sponsor: Not in my garden!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Willy and the Politicians

Willy can.t figure it out! One candidate says that the other voted for Health Care. The other candidate says they did not. The first candidate plays a clip from CSPAN showing the roll call vote and the candidate clearly says AYE. The candidate says that that is not true.

What is real. Mud Slinging, name calling, slamming each other.

Willy is confused! What is true?

10-4 Willy

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Willy and the Country Awards

Willy has been watching the Country Music Awards and taking care of business on the internet. Willy has heard every song and every performance. Willy's observations.

Taylor Swift Still sings flat but Willy still likes her and her singing. Seems like a good kid.

Brooks and Dunn are good.

Willy don't agree with all of the awards but Willy is ok with them.

Carrie Underwood is a good looking young lady.

If Reba McIntire has to make another costume change it might get x rated.

Darrius Rucker is good country wished he could blow fish.

Willy's thoughts for now.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hard at work

willy off three days last week.

Willy traveled by plane to Texas and return.


Willys backside is dragging.
10-4 Willy

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rent To Own Homes

You might notice that Willy has done lots of research on home ownership lately. Willy has reason to need to know a lot about this type of information. Willy has learned a lot and the following is again more that Willy has learned in this research.

Something that Willy found out when Willy was looking about Sacramento Rent To Own Homes
was that there is a site called which gives a vast amount of information about homes that are available to be bought in a rent to own manner, other rental home and even some information about Rental Assistance - that might be available. is a sight that brings together many listings from several sources to bring to Willy and every other consumer a substantial selection of nationwide rent to own listings.

It appears that their great team has given extensive time to producing the greatest rent to own search and navigation on the web. Willy found that this was a cleanly designed site that was very user-friendly in its search mechanism. These features made finding rent to own/lease to own homes very easy to find and to research.

As Willy stated the site was easy to navigate, had great photos and was specific enough to listing in specific areas and neighborhoods that Willy could find most anything he wanted.

The site allowed great sorting of the properties by many different methods that made the search even easier.

All Willy can say is that this site is a great big 10-4 in Willy's real estate search adventures.

Try it out and give Willy your feedback.

Willy and the Masters - 2

Back to Willy's observations at the Masters. Willy as stated in a previous post was watching down at Juanita's. What Willy found out from all of those folks watching Tiger is that someone else was winning.

Well, Phil Mickelson seems to have it going. He was playing better golf than Tiger, he had his beautiful wife there watching and he had no regrets about the women that might come out of the woods.

Which brings Willy to another point. Willy was watching the first day of the Masters when Willy was fixing to make a great put. However, he seemed a little distracted. Willy decided to pause the DVR for a minute and guess what Willy saw. Yes, Willy saw a great looking female in a tube top in the front row of the gallery just smiling like she had seen Tiger put before.

Willy stopped a minute, smiled to himself and then put the ball straight in the hole.

Willy was just saying.

10-4 Willy

Find Land Contract Homes in Your Neighborhood!

-Wow what a great site. This site is informative giving great information on the "land contract" concept and benefits and then it goes about giving you the options of the homes that are available and where.

For example you can sit at home and view something as interesting as Honolulu Land Contract Homes. Yes, Willy is telling you that you can easily navigate this great site with great listings and photos and find homes in the neighborhood that you might want to live in.

You can see the homes inside and out and you can search by amenities, price, location or other factors to find that ideal home.

Government Homes For Sale - can also be found on this site. You can search out and find about anything in the home buying market that peaks your interest.

Willy finds this to be a great site and very versatile in finding that perfect home.

All Willy can say is a big 10-4

Willy & the Masters

Willy is watching the final round of the Masters Golf Tournament down at Juanita's Road Kill Grill & Cantina with the Road Kill Gang. Yes, the bar games are in motion and are not going well.

Billy Bob suggested and all agreed to play the game - take a shot with Tigers birdies. Yes, every time that Tiger made a birdie today everyone was to take a shot of their favorite beverage. Well, before you get to far with your thoughts, Willy's favorite drink is ice tea and it is Sunday so not going to get to far out of line with that take.

Well, those that prefer something a little harder are not too happy with Tiger. Most were sitting there with their hands on their glass. They had only got to take one shot for the day and Tiger was really disappointing this sober crowd.

Then Tiger came through for the bunch. Tiger rares back the club for a hundred yards or so out and whammo he hits an eagle. The crowd at the Cantina burst into a cheer and they all get the opportunity that they wanted. They got to throw back to quick ones on Tigers behalf.

Well, needless to say most of the crowd is now drinking as they want and most are not caring that Tiger is probably totally out of it. The crowd is out of it too. If you know what Willy needs.

10-4 Willy

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Owner Financed Homes

Willy had always wondered about owner financed homes and exactly what this means and what is included in this statement. Well, Willy went on the lookout for some information about this and this is what Willy found.

Willy found that there is a site out there called Oakland Owner Financed Homes that tells all about what it means when you talk about owner financed homes as well as a lot more information. This was a great site that was easy to navigate and easy to find what you wanted.

This site gives listing of the property involved and gives great pictures that gives you a great idea about what the home looks like inside and out. What is more you can drill down to a certain city, area, or neighborhood with good specific information about homes in that area.

When Willy got to the houses that he wanted to look at there were different ways to sort the listings so that Willy could accomplish finding exactly what he might want. The site even had things such as FHA Information and other lenders. If you wonder what that means then you can look on the site and get all of the great information.

Willy found that if he were looking for this type of housing that this would be an excellent resource to find what Willy was wanting. If you are in the market check it out.

10-4 Willy


Terry Rose wrote a song BACK HOME IN ARKANSAS AGAIN. I have often thought the song kind of corny.

Today I am heading home froM. TExas To Arkansas. Been awayu from best friend-my spouse for four days.

Ready to be back in Arkansas again

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Up Up and Away!

One week ago I had a bad experience on SW airline. 3 hour flight took 7 hrs.

Did not realize that I would give them chance to redeem themselves about a week later.

Flight today is perfect. Close to on time and fairly smooth. GOOD JOB!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Celebrate Silver Dollar City’s 50th Birthday!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.

Willy says that everyone needs to celebrate 50 years of memories at Silvery Dollar City with Hilton’s Silver Dollar City Package. Willy thinks that this exclusive package is great because includes deluxe accommodations for two nights in the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel, as well as two adult tickets and two children’s tickets (ages 4 to 11) for two full days of fun at Silvery Dollar City. It also includes a $25 food and beverage voucher for Level 2 Steakhouse located on the second floor of the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel.

Willy wants you to know that this two-night, three-day package starts at $455.00 plus tax. Additional tickets are $53 (plus tax) per adult and $43.00 (plus tax) per child. To book this special package go to the “Hotel Specials” button on the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel websites.

Where is all of this at you ask. Well if you did not already know, all of this is situated within the electrifying entertainment capital of the Midwest, the Hiltons of Branson offer guests access to shops, boutiques, restaurants, a river walk and other attractions when you’re not enjoying the fun at Silver Dollar City. Willy wants you to know if you haven't been to see all of this you are missing something big.

The next thing that Willy wants you to know is that both hotels are within easy driving distance of Branson’s championship golf courses, lakes, museums, theme parks and 49 live entertainment theaters. With so much to offer, now is the perfect time to come out to plan in Branson! Look out Willy is leaving town now to get there before you do!

Willy likes the golf, willy likes the shows, Mrs Willy enjoys the shopping and we both enjoy the great stay at these great Hotels.

All Willy can say is you need to get this package and a big 10-4 from Willy

Visit my sponsor: Celebrate Silver Dollar City’s 50th Birthday!

Monday, April 05, 2010

David vs Goliath

It is halftime of the Duke vs Butler game. Most people have deemed this to be David vs Goliath and that David does not have a chance even though in the Bible David knocked Goliath out.

Well at the half it appears that David has the rock in the slingshot and is looking like it is going to be slung at Goliath's head.

What Willy believes is going to happen is that David is going to sling the rock and miss and Goliath is going to come back with a vengeance in second half and David will be devoured.

That is what Willy thinks.

10-4 Willy

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Willy is tired --- Willy Quits Blogging!

Yep, you read it here first. Willy is tired of this internet thing. It takes up to much of Willy's time and energy.

Willy has never been a small guy but Willy has gained about 20 pounds since taking up Blogging a few years ago. Willy just sits on his fat rear and types.

Willy went down to the Cantina and took a poll to find out what the solution was and Sammy Bob had the best answer " Quit using you fingers to type and get your legs under you and get outside and enjoy life"

Well, Willy took that to mean QUIT BLOGGING!

Well all Willy can say about all of that is that you can think what you want but this will be the last blog from Willy you will ever see............................................................................................................................................................


10-4 WILLY