Saturday, April 10, 2010

Owner Financed Homes

Willy had always wondered about owner financed homes and exactly what this means and what is included in this statement. Well, Willy went on the lookout for some information about this and this is what Willy found.

Willy found that there is a site out there called Oakland Owner Financed Homes that tells all about what it means when you talk about owner financed homes as well as a lot more information. This was a great site that was easy to navigate and easy to find what you wanted.

This site gives listing of the property involved and gives great pictures that gives you a great idea about what the home looks like inside and out. What is more you can drill down to a certain city, area, or neighborhood with good specific information about homes in that area.

When Willy got to the houses that he wanted to look at there were different ways to sort the listings so that Willy could accomplish finding exactly what he might want. The site even had things such as FHA Information and other lenders. If you wonder what that means then you can look on the site and get all of the great information.

Willy found that if he were looking for this type of housing that this would be an excellent resource to find what Willy was wanting. If you are in the market check it out.

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