Sunday, April 11, 2010

Willy and the Masters - 2

Back to Willy's observations at the Masters. Willy as stated in a previous post was watching down at Juanita's. What Willy found out from all of those folks watching Tiger is that someone else was winning.

Well, Phil Mickelson seems to have it going. He was playing better golf than Tiger, he had his beautiful wife there watching and he had no regrets about the women that might come out of the woods.

Which brings Willy to another point. Willy was watching the first day of the Masters when Willy was fixing to make a great put. However, he seemed a little distracted. Willy decided to pause the DVR for a minute and guess what Willy saw. Yes, Willy saw a great looking female in a tube top in the front row of the gallery just smiling like she had seen Tiger put before.

Willy stopped a minute, smiled to himself and then put the ball straight in the hole.

Willy was just saying.

10-4 Willy

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