Sunday, April 11, 2010

Willy & the Masters

Willy is watching the final round of the Masters Golf Tournament down at Juanita's Road Kill Grill & Cantina with the Road Kill Gang. Yes, the bar games are in motion and are not going well.

Billy Bob suggested and all agreed to play the game - take a shot with Tigers birdies. Yes, every time that Tiger made a birdie today everyone was to take a shot of their favorite beverage. Well, before you get to far with your thoughts, Willy's favorite drink is ice tea and it is Sunday so not going to get to far out of line with that take.

Well, those that prefer something a little harder are not too happy with Tiger. Most were sitting there with their hands on their glass. They had only got to take one shot for the day and Tiger was really disappointing this sober crowd.

Then Tiger came through for the bunch. Tiger rares back the club for a hundred yards or so out and whammo he hits an eagle. The crowd at the Cantina burst into a cheer and they all get the opportunity that they wanted. They got to throw back to quick ones on Tigers behalf.

Well, needless to say most of the crowd is now drinking as they want and most are not caring that Tiger is probably totally out of it. The crowd is out of it too. If you know what Willy needs.

10-4 Willy

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