Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Love Hillary - Right!

Willy has recently been visited by Uncle Joe who is a contributor at Grandma is an Idiot blog. Lots of good sarcasm on that site. Well Written. Willy saw this video over there and decided to use it here. Just because I love Hillary so much! Juanita down at the Possum Grit Grill and Cantina enjoyed it to!

10-4 Willy

Monday, February 25, 2008

foodconnect.com - a Food Based Social Network

If you are looking for a great food website, one built somewhat on a social network site then the place to go is www.foodconnect.com. It is a great site to share your recipes, get nutrional information for your recipes. You can plan a meal or a weeks worth of meals on this site. You can plan a dinner party, or you can just plan what to feed your family.

I love to eat and I like to cook and I find that this site is going to be great for that sort of thing.

Check out my video about foodconnect and see if you might want to check out their site. See My video below.


Saturday, February 23, 2008


There are things out there that humor Willywhether true or not. Willy still like this one:

When Chelsea Clinton, asked a returning US Soldier about fear. He said that there were only three things he was afraid of: “Osama, Obama, and Yo’ Mama.”

Willy tends to agree with the statement. We are faced with having someone as President whose name sounds mysteriously like OSAMA. In the early days Willy would get his tongue tangled in his orations down at the Possum Grit Diner and would start saying Barack Hussein Osama. I hope he cant fly a plane. How dangerous would it be for him to have a chance at flying Air Force One into something.

And then Willy sees Hillary who appears to have the goal of getting us quickly out of Iraq and Afganistan. This would allow the real Osama to come quickly to this country.

If that don't scare Willy and you - nothing will.

10-4 Willy

Monday, February 18, 2008

Did Your Parents Bronze Your Baby Shoes?

I'll bet you never thought recently about bronzing baby shoes like we used to do. I bet if you look somewhere that your baby shoes were bronzed. This used to be something that we always did. We would not think about not bronzing baby shoes 20 years ago.

Well, bronzing is back if fad! Or as they might say, retro is back!! What's old is new again. Having your baby's first shoes bronzed is back in style. Yes, everyone is doing it again…just like in the 60's.

Well if it is back in vobue, then where can I get this done?

The best place to have this done is through the most-trusted name in the bronzing business, abcbronze.com, the American Bronzing Company. They have the best service, the best guarantee and they can bronze about any type of baby shoe. Yes, they can even bronze that baby sneaker, and boy does it look good.

So, why would you want to hide your baby's first shoes in a dresser or closet when you can take those precious shoes and have them preserved and out on display? They will be a showcase trophy that every time you look at them, you'll relive the happy memories of your baby's first precious steps. What can be more important to you than that.

Well, please know also that ordering through the website is simple and easy and costs much less than you think. Check out their special internet pricing right now!

Presidents Day! President Barack Hussein Obama - NO!!!!

Presidents day is a day to honor the great leaders of our country. It is with great pride that we can mention many of their names.


John Quincey Adams
William Henry Harrison
William Howard Taft
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Dwight David Eisnehower
Richard Milhouse Nixon
William Jefferson Clinton

And to Come - I hope we never have to say either of these:
Barack Hussein Obama
Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

Plan a Romantic Vacation with Trusted Tours & Attractions

The area of Cancun is great as it is but to walk on the beach, snorkel in the surf and eat the great foods in one of the most exotic all inclusive adult resorts in that area has to be the ultimate. I am looking forward to another experience similar to that one where I can relax and enjoy what life has to offer in that surrounding.

Along that idea, I believe that Trusted Tours & Attractions has some of the greatest vacation ideas in the world. Many of these ideas such as letting you know the things to do in Honolulu might be as exciting as that recent trip that the wife and I took to the exotic beaches of Cancun.

But I can only read at this time and sign up for the newsletter from Trusted Tours & Attractions about a romantic trip to Honolulu. This trip would have to be exciting and romantic also. Can you imagine how it would be to go to a roast on the beach. Or can you imagine how it would be to make a visit to the Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbor and let it transport you to the morning of December 7, 1941 as you re-live the moment that thrust America into World War II.

I can only imagine at this timeWin a free digital camera but during all of that I will sign up for the newsletter and hope that I can Win a free digital camera to take with me on a luxurious trip to Hololulu.

I know that it sounds exciting and I can't wait to be able to make this kind of a trip again.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Duck - Shrimp - Sausage Gumbo Ala Justin!

Willy's Son-in-Law likes to hunt and likes to cook with what he kills. He recently made some Duck - Sausage - Shrimp Gumbo. It turned out real good! For the recipe of this click on the name and you will get to the recipe!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What went wrong?

This is a test of what went wrong. I try to make sure that there are regular posts between any paid posts that I do. I had that all worked out and am sure that I looked but when I got through I had two together and I don't know how to fix it.

Guess I will just have to leave it like it is and go forward.

Any how - if you read this blog - check out the blog just below this and look at my youtube rap video about El Pollo Loco - Pretty funny if I do say so my self.

Chicken Rap - and El Pollo Loco

I hear that you can get the best citrus-marinated, flame-grilled chicken at El Pollo Loco. Please check out my Chicken Rap that I have made in honor of the great food at El Pollo Loco. You will get a real charge out of this! You can also sign up to win great prizes!

Mexican chicken that is what El Polo Loco is all about. El Pollo Loco starts with chicken that's marinated in special herbs, spices and citrus juices and then flame-grilled for flavor that's deliciously different. It's is said to be a unique taste that El Pollo Loco has, and you won't find it anywhere else!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition - Lots of hits!

It is amazing that about a year ago I did a paid post on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. I had thought nothing about that until today. This is the typical debut day of the new SI swim suit edition. It reviewing my number of hits today, which is typically about 50-80 per day, I have already received over 200 hits.

In looking at what the search engine words were, they all had to do with this Swim suit edition.

Not sure why it is hitting my site but it all goes back to that small blog article that I wrote.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

What Gets Hit!

It is amazing to Willy what the world searches for out on the Internet. I have tried several disguised experiments to see what things Willy can say in a post that will increase his hit rate dramatically.

Willy has found that in this post about food, fun and politics, that the key words that seem to get the most hits are: (and I believe in this order)

  1. Sex
  2. Hillary Clinton
  3. Obama or Barack Hussein Obama
  4. Mitt Romney
  5. John McCain
  6. Mike Huckabee
  7. Arkansas Razorbacks
  8. John Pelphrey
  9. Houston Nutt
  10. Bobby Petrino
  11. Reggie Herring
  12. Bobby Knight
  13. Hillbilly recipes
  14. hillbilly food
  15. hillbilly bill clinton
  16. Monica Lewinsky
  17. President Bush
  18. Joel Olsteen
  19. Jerry Falwell

It is amazing what people will google isn't it.

10-4 Willy

Friday, February 08, 2008

Show Me The Moneywith MoneyMagic!

Commercial Mortgage lending in the UK is very important and may have lower interest rates in the future. It appears that from reading some of the news items on this site such as
"Mortgage lenders cut loan rates after interest rates decision" , that the economy in the UK is very much hinged on the interest rates locally and the economy in the UK and throughout the world is playing against what may be happening in their markets.

Therefore their own David Kern who is the economic adviser to the British Chambers of Commerce, said: "The MPC''s decision to cut interest rates to 5.25 per cent was necessary for the economy. In the face of worsening global and domestic conditions, a refusal to act would have entailed unacceptable risks."

Kern also added that the move is "not adequate on its own". He believes that as threats to growth are "much more acute" now than the risks of inflation. He says "We would have welcomed a bold UK move to five per cent," he concluded

So in short because of the economy the consumer may get better interest rates so that economic growth can be stimulated. A good thing for the consumer in the long run.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Thoughts about Candidates

Mitt Romney - Mormon - Non Christian - stuff shirt - not for the American People

Barack Hussein Obama - Can't Believe Americans would elect "PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA" Why not elect OSAMA BIN LADEN - BOTH SCARE ME!

Hillary Clinton
- Lets elect Monica's ex Boyfriend's Wife for president - sorry - Scum - Just like her husband. No morals - say anything - "take care of anybody" to get elected. - Elect Hillary and you get Bill again. - Sex - Crime - deceit - fraud - murder - scandal-

John McCain - want to be conservative - cut him some slack - POW - might be ok.

Mike Huckabee - ordained Southern Baptist Minister - thin skinned - smart man - could work well as President with the right people around him.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bill, Hillary and Monica - Who did Bill not have relations with?

Time has past and many thoughts have gone into the making of Hillary Clinton as she runs for President of the United States and tries to defeat Barack Hussein Obama.

One thing that we should note as we go forward is that when bill made his famous speech about not having sex or sexual relations with that woman - he was talking about Hillary. Then his mind wandered to Monica and he said with a slight grin - Ms Lewinsky. The pause is the problem there. That was a break from thinking about Hillary whom he had not and did not want ot have relations with and then to Monica whom he had relations with. Watch the video

Get Paid For Blogging with Smorty.com

Do you like to get paid for blogging? Why not get paid for doing something that you enjoy. Many times you can express your opinion on certain topics and get paid to do this. Well that is what the Smorty is in the job of doing. This is a service that is connecting advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers have the opportunity to pay bloggers to write honest opinion posts. These posts will have links back to the advertisers site.

You simply write your opinion on their services.

That is what I am doing here. I am asked to give my opinion on Smorty's services. Well what can be to wrong with a service that allows you to get paid to blog. To get paid to blog is like getting paid to chew gum. You just enjoy doing it and by the way your are helping out blog advertising by giving your honest opinions. Who knows, you might even have a business that you might have the need to advertise on blogs. In that way you can get others to comment about your website as they blog for money.

What can be wrong with that!

McCain Vs Hillary - who knows?

It looks like it is going to come down to McCain and Hillary for president.
Not sure what this means for the country. Can John McCain bring in the right vote to beat Hillary.
If not - this country is in trouble.
Well - Mike Huckabee maybe you can be vice president.

Everything’s Fine and Dandy So Why Vote for Deratany?

GetFave.com, Chicago’s innovative local search engine, announced today the launch of local candidate Jay Paul Deratany’s video satire to run leading up to the February 5 primary election.
Produced by Jib Jab, the humorous, animated video for democratic Cook County Board of Review candidate Jay Paul Deratany represents a bold move in the race for campaign awareness. This video - Deratany Satire on GetFave.com is a great video satire.

If you know anything about this gentleman in that area you should view this video.

The significance of this new form of campaign video:

• Viral Politics Now Local: One of the most memorable video moments of the 2004 presidential campaign between John Kerry and George Bush was the debut of a hilarious yet non-partisan animated video produced by Jib Jab productions. It caught on in such wildfire fashion that even Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show" showed it to a national audience. Four years later, RMP Advertising is now producing the same hilarity for local races, one of them right here in Cook County, with Jay Paul Deratany taking advantage. You can see this political send-up for a very limited time at http://www.getfave.com/chicago/325529-jay-paul-deratany.

• Tool for the Political Underdog: Like many other local candidates, Jay Paul Deratany is an underdog, challenging the incumbent, with little money to with which to buy a big TV campaign. This stealthier approach offers smaller, lesser funded candidates an affordable and noticeable way to communicate their messages to reach local voters.

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is about over in the South. I am setting here wondering who won on the Republican side. At this time they are saying that it is too close to call in Georgia and some other states. Maybe in a few hours we will have some answers.

Can Huckabee make any kind of showing is my question.

We will see.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Exotic Destinations with DialAflight.com!

Dialaflight is a leading independent UK travel company. It offers flights to New Zealand and many other exotic places. It also offers hotels & travel ideas worldwide.

In viewing http://www.dialaflight.com/ website which is full of useful travel information, I decided that this could be the starting place to find next holiday of my dreams. From there I can search for flights, hotels, car hire and many travel ideas including weekend breaks, beach holidays, spa holidays & much more.

Wonder why I did'nt think of that the last vacation I took. Don't know if it is exotic or not but Cancun in an all inclusive resort for adults only was a blast. Six days of laying in the sun, snorkeling, kayaking, and eating to my hearts content was a great adventure. I should also say that the wives enjoyed the pampering at the spa also.

Well, if I plan one again I know that I can find the info I need especially if I am in the UK for that special destination.

DialAflight.com great for vacation planning!