Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why there are no School Shootings in Israel!

Our Children are the most precious thing that we have.  It is a shame but the idea of teachers having access to weapons is not a totally bad idea.   

It is sad that our country has come to this.   I see children simply playing outside on the playground very close to a major city street and my thoughts turn to the danger that they may be in because there may be someone crazy out there looking to do harm to our children.

We are in a state where hunting is big and season is in.   But I do not think about the fact that 1 out of every three trucks going by has a gun in it.  My thoughts go to the fact that 1 out of every several vehicles that go by has some one in it that my have some mental illness that cause them to want to harm innocent children.

May God help us!

10-4 Willy


Sandee said...

We threw God out of everywhere, and he left. You see the results. And not just in our schools either.

Have a terrific day. :)

Traveling Bells said...

Guns are not the problem any more than a spoon makes a person fat. My heart breaks over this tragic and senseless loss...