Sunday, November 11, 2012

Willy wants a used car from Tampa.

Willy is shopping for a new or used car.  However Willy is not in the Tampa area where he could go to and check out what used cars in Tampa that Willy might want for the little wife. Willy also knows that he needs a great price for his trade in and they might just be the people that would give Willy that price that he is needing to make the trade work. 

What Willy really likes about their website is the fact that you can look at the inventory through used car videos and see what is available to buy without even leaving your pajamas if you want to.  Yes, Tampa, Fl is a long ways from Arkansas and Willy knows that he cannot get there to find a car.  However, if Willy could go there to buy his truck, used cars or maybe a SUV then Willy would like them to get him a credit approval and get the car bought.  

By the way do you think that Mrs. Willy would think that Willy could buy her a Ford F 150 instead of an SUV?  Guess that would not be the thing to do when she is looking for an SUV. 

Well, that is what willy thinks about the used car market today and since Willy can't get to Tampa then Willy is going to look locally.

10-4 Willy

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Missy said...

I don't know - if she ever drove the F150 she might change her mind. Love that I can look down on those little "green" cars and could squash them like a bug if I wanted/needed to! Just Kidding!