Thursday, September 06, 2012

What Willy's Cell Phone Sees - Motorcycle Babes?

Willy looked into his rear view mirror on the way to work this morning and this is what he could see.  It may not be real clear but as far as Willy could see was motorcycles riding two by two.  

Willy let them catch up with him and it was obvious that there was a rally somewhere that they were hurrying to.  

A few miles up the road Willy caught up with another large group of cycles.   In both groups there was over 15o motorcycles.  

The thing that Willy did notice is that most of the cycles were driven by men with a motorcycle babe riding behind him.   Willy watched closely because Willy has seen the motorcycle magazines in Walmart magazine aisle and Willy wanted to see one of these hot babes.   What Willy saw was old gray haired ladies whose boobs were hanging around their knees rather than the hot perky ladies that is shown in the magazine.

Willy decided that this must be the over the hill gang rather than the bang gang.

That is what Willy saw this morning.  

You might call it what the Cell Phone Sees.

10-4 Willy

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