Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bring in the new year with style

Willy learned early in life that a quality watch . . . . . is one of the finest, most precise, most carefully made mechanisms in the world. Willy learned that because Willy's parents used a great watch as a gift for 8th grade graduation for Willy and all of his brothers and sisters.  That would be eight watches that Willy's parents gave over years.   So Willy's, thinking like his  parents would look for a great authorized reseller of some of the best brands are ridiculously low prices, with FREE 2-day shipping so that Willy can give gifts of great watches.

In Willy's mind that means that Willy will need to give Seiko watches.  Yes, Willy believes that they are the best and this is why Willy would give and receive these great watches over the years. Willy believes that this giving of the great watches is important because watches seem to loosing out to cell phones for time keeping across the younger demographics. But what makes a watch special? The timekeeper is a gift that is important because it signifies the concern of the giver.  The timepiece is important because it has great tech inside of it? and has meaning because it was a gift? That  makes a watch cool sometimes just because of the thought process and kindnss of the giver.   You can't get that from a phone that tells time.

So Willy is saying to give a gift of a great watch that is cool and gives great joy to the receiver.  Make them proud of the watch.  Make it great.

10-4 Willy

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