Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Willy and the Mailbox.

As an out take on Willy's early life one must know that to Willy's mom and dad the Mailbox was an important item in life.  One of the most important things in the day was the trip to the mailbox.  This was not the cluster mailboxes that you see in the city or in an area where there are many houses.  You see Willy and his parents lived about 10 miles from the nearest town and 3 miles of this was down a long dusty rough road.  

Yes, there were no clustered  mailboxes here because there were no cluster of people.  The nearest neighbor was about 2 miles away and it would have been crazy to have commercial cluster mailboxes where everybody's mailbox was together.  That would mean some would travel miles to get their mail.

But as stated earlier, getting the mail was the highlight of my parents day especially as they began to age.  Mail was a life line that brought the weekly newspaper, the local grocery flier or that once in occasion letter from the kids.  Yes, mail was a great thing.

Story to continue later.

10-4 Willy

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Sandee said...

I remember this Willy as we lived about 12 miles out of town. We were the only mailbox you could see as there weren't any houses for a far piece. I so remember this.

Have a fantastic day Willy. :)