Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wonderful Valentine's Day!

Someone ask Willy what he did on Valentine's Day. Well Willy had a great Valentine's Day! Cause you know that Willy is a Romantic guy. To start -Willy cooked a wonderful breakfast of toast and coffee for the little lady. (Much like he does a lot of mornings.) But Willy put a little twist to the breakfast! The toast was in the shape of a Valentine's Heart! How romantic is that.

Well then later on in the day, Willy picks up some flowers and personally delivers to the wonderful lady he is married to and picks her up some lunch since she is stuck at the office. Is that romantic or what.

Then for the afternoon, Willy's wonderful wife has had a little problem with her car and Willy sits at the service shop most of the afternoon getting it fixed. ?Romantic or not Romantic?

But all Willy can say about the day is that it was wonderful. Willy has a wonderful wife who has graciously and lovingly put up with him for over 28 years.

That is romance in the making.

This is a big 10-4 Willy

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