Saturday, June 12, 2010

Willy, The Hispanics and Walmart Accident!

All of those pesty Primary Elections are over and Willy went down to Juanita's Roadkill Bar and Cantina to see what the local fare were saying about the election. 

The first person that Willy saw at the cantina was Billy Bob who always has something to say.  Billy Bob runs the local "We tote the Note" Car lot and BB sees lots of folks in a day - many of them don't have their green card and need a car.  BB specializes in that one. 

Reminds Willy of the time he was pulling out of the Walmart parking lot that was full of people.  Well, there was this little car in front of Willy that had 7 people in it and of course it had a sticker that it came from Billy Bob's Car lot.  This little loaded car started to dart out into traffic and hit the gas.  Well, Willy was looking out to the busy highway and saw that there was probably room for Willy to get out at the same time that the little loaded car went out.

The little loaded car hit the gas and Willy hit the gas.  Willy did not look at the little loaded car but for some reason they changed their mind and threw on the brakes.  Willy smacked lightly into the back of the little loaded car.

Then it looked like a Chinese Fire Drill or should I say a Hispanic fire drill.  Seven Hispanics jumped out of the car.  Willy jumped out of his car.   The driver of the car who looked like he probably did not have a green card, ran around the car ran up to Willy and yelled loudly in broken English "IT'S OK!  IT'S OK!

He then proceeded to HIGH FIVE  Willy, jumped back in the car and drove off.  Puzzled, Willy got back in his car and drove off.

Willy digressed - maybe Willy will get back to the Cantina visit a little later today.

10-4 Willy

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The Mind of a Mom said...

Willy why does it not surprise me they were coming from WalMart when this happened??? LoL