Thursday, November 18, 2010

Willy uses his HDMI Cables

Willy likes sports.  One of the things Willy really likes is watching sports on his big flat screen HD television.  Wow, the colors are explicit and the details are fantastic.  Willy can see the sweat bead up on the players heads just as if Willy was there.  Wait a minute.  There is a problem sometimes.  Willy has all of these great HDMI cables connecting all of this great electronics together to get a great picture of the game but the game is not coming on TV. 

Where can Willy find the game.  Well it is on Willy's laptop computer at ESPN3.  Willy gets a great picture there but it is real inconvenient to watch on that laptop screen and Willy would really like to see this on the big screen TV.  How can this happen?  Well, Willy's laptop has a HDMI connector and Willy can hook this right up to the television and use this as a HDMI extender.  How great is that.  If Willy can find the feed on his computer he can watch it on his TV.

All Willy can say about that is a great big 10-4.

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