Friday, May 13, 2011

Get a Cheapseat for the Game!

Willy had a dream the other night about being having a job of being a traveling game watcher who had the opportunity to attend any NFL game that Willy desired to visit.  This was a great gig for Willy to have because Willy likes to watch NFL football.  To date Willy was only able to watch games on TV.  With this new deal (in Willy’s dream) Willy got to see any game he wanted in person. 

This seems like a great dream for Willy doesn’t it?  Well the only hitch was that even though Willy got air fair and hotel rooms and the whole works, there was one thing that Willy had to take care of himself.  That was that Willy had to have a seat that he paid for himself.  The seat was not a part of the deal.  So willy found a site called that allowed Willy to get the seats he wanted at a cheaper price and this was great because now Willy’s dream can continue. 

So on with the dream Willy began to line up his trip for the football season.  Here is the lineup that Willy chose which gave Willy the most games in the shortest period of time First Willy bought, Buffalo Bills Tickets then Willy went for the Chicago Bears Tickets.   Next in line was America’s team and Willy’s favorite team and Willy bought Dallas Cowboys Tickets, Willy then bought Denver Broncos Tickets and Green Bay Packers Tickets.  Willy was now set for the great football trip.  Guess what happened next.  Willy woke up.

10-4 Willy

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