Friday, June 03, 2011

Willy Keeps his Relationship Fresh!

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Willy is a redneck and is versed in romance.  Willy thinks he knows exactly what it takes to keep his romance alive and well.  But does Willy really know all this?  Willy sometimes gets advice from others about romance and love from family and friends whether Willy wants it or not.  come on folks give Willy a break.  Willy needs better help.  Where will Willy get real help?

Where does Willy get real tips on keeping your relationship fresh?   Willy knows where to get the info he might like.  That information is available at   Willy "likes" it on Facebook and thinks each of Willy's friends should like it to   Also, Willy has watched a great video on their site at by actor/authorHill Harper.   This video really gave Willy some great ideas on keeping his great marriage fresh and some ideas on making the marriage last another 30 years.  Did you know that just paying a little more attention to Mrs Willy can make Willy a hero in the relationship category?

Well, Willy thinks he has found a great site for exploring that new information for his love life.  Maybe you should check all of this out.  You might just LOVE IT!

10-4 Willy

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