Friday, September 09, 2011

Tarp it says Willy!

 Willy knows many uses for things such as a dropcloth , canvas tarps and , truck tarps.   Willy is a tarp user.  Willy is probably one of the best tarp users that ever used a tarp.   Ok, willy made that a little bit of a cheesy statement, but Willy believes it gets across the point that this fabulous post is about tarps. 

So what site do you think Willy is talking about.  Well the site the Willy is talking about is  This site is a place that has all tarps, drop cloths, welding blankets and just about anything else that you might want or need in the way of coverings such as tarps.  They appear to have the largest selection available on professional and the common mans tarps and coverings. 

What types of tarps do they have?  They have poly tarps, canvas tarps, truck tarps, vinyl tarps, and many other types of tarps.  What kind of tarp do you need for the many jobs that you might have.  Chances are that this site will have the tarp that you need.  Why don't you check it out.

That is what Willy has to say except for 10-4 Willy

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