Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The best part of prom, shopping!

Guest post written by Gina Clark

I've never turned down an opportunity to go shopping. I've always loved it, even when I've known that I couldn't afford it. Well, now as an adult I'm trying to make sure that my kids have a good example to live by, and that includes buying only what you can afford. I still have issues with that and I'm working on them. I thought the perfect time to be an example with that is when I take my daughter prom dress shopping.

But I want to make sure that we do our research before we actually go shopping. We've been looking online to see what we can find as far as affordable prom dresses go and when I was looking around online I saw the website After I looked through it some I decided that it might be the perfect site for our family's financial situation and will have to check it out once I can stop worrying about prom.

We've had so much fun online shopping, but the best part is definitely going to be when my daughter actually gets to try on the dresses. That's always the most fun part

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