Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Willy Likes Spice Racks.

Many of you who follow Willy's other blog knows that Willy likes his kitchen and Willy likes to cook.  A part of all of this cooking is that fact that Willy keeps a great supply of wonderful spices.  Willy therefore has a great fetish for a new spice rack.   Yes, spice racks are a part of the things that make up a lot of the space in Willy's kitchen.  Willy has a wall spice rack along with the many other kitchen spice racks that adorn the areas of Willy's kitchen.  But Willy digresses into the things that make Willy what Willy is.

The question that always plagued Willy is why a spice rack.  Why is a butcher knife or a potato peeler the things that Willy is amazed by rather than the spice rack. Maybe it is because Willy has such a spicy life that he wants to keep the spice wrapped up in a rack instead of turning it loose.

What about you.  What do you have a great desire for.  If it is a spice rack then check these out.

That is what Willy is thinking about on this lovely evening.

10-4 Willy

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