Saturday, June 09, 2012

Willy needs a Baby Sling?

 Ok all you redneck friends of Willy, believe it or not Willy may need something from the site   Why is Willy looking at a website like that you ask.  Well it is because Willy is about to have his first grandbaby.  So when Willy wants to look good and when Willy has a chance to have that Grandson then Willy wants to do things right.

Therefore, Willy might need a baby sling.  Willy has gone to that site and has even looked to see how they might even carry celebrity babies because Willy knows that those folks do it right.  When Willy carries Oliver Willy will be the proudest thing in the world and Willy will be looking good and being comfortable while he carries him around.

So, just chill all of you redneck friends.  Willy knows that you are jealous but you will be even more jealous when you see Willy carrying around his grandson in that fancy baby sling.  Some may even yell, "who is that celebrity with that baby.  Never fear it is just Willy.

 10-4 Willy

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