Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Willy necesidades de dieta!

Willy likes Spanish and Willy is always on a diet and Willy would like to combine the two but it may be difficult to do this in this post.  Willy is going to use English and Spanish and throw in some redneck language.  Can you put up with this for Willy?

Well, Willy is always looking for the right diet and today it may be that Willy is talking about Dieta Atkins. Which has to do with Willy going on something like the Atkins Diet.  This might be the best type of diet for Willy or you or it may not be the best diet for you.   This would mean that you would still be looking for some other diet such as maybe the dieta mediterranea .   Do you understand that one?  Willy believes taht it is the Mediterranean diet.

Willy is not familar with that diet but Willy is going to check it out in English or Spanish to see if Willy can lose some weight because Willy needs to lose weight and get healthy.  What about you?

Now, here is the biggest challenge for Willy.  This challenge is trying to understand the name of the diet called  dieta Fricker    Anybody got a clue which diet this is.  Not Willy!!  However, just because Willy can't call the name of the diet does not mean that Willy might not try the diet if it will give him the desired weight loss that he needs. 

In all seriousness Willy is overweight and needs to lose some weight.  Just because these sites are in Spanish does not mean that they are meaningful to both Willy and you.  Many of Willy's readers are Spanish and Willy and these friends confer in Spanish often.  Therefore you Spanish speaking friends of Willy that are overweight such as Willy, please go out and take a look at these diets and how that they can help you.

 Así que Willy le está diciendo a todos sus amigos, le permite ponerse en forma y probar estas dietas. Quienes por ahí se va a sumar a Willy y perder peso. Vamos a hacerlo por nosotros mismos y nuestras familias....

10-4 Willy

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