Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Financial Translation - a Must!

Hillbilly Willy spends much of his time coming across as a laid back redneck from Texas living in Arkansas.  In true life Willy is a pseudo-name for a very intelligent graduate with a Master's degree from Texas A&M University.  (Impressed yet?)  In transition Willy has spent time in various places and the language of the country is very important to master.  Has Willy mastered all of these languages.  No, but Willy has found a way to get a translation that works.

In finding this translation source Willy has also found a way to work better in the financial industry by the finding of Rosetta Translation Services and the fact that they work expertly in financial translations.  This is important in moving the financial transactions through different countries and through different companies.

Willy has found that Rosetta Translation Services is is a translation services headquartered in London, UK. They specialize in high-quality translations for corporate clients, including financial translation, such as financial statements, audit documents, etc, both for corporates and financial institution.

The question is how necessary and important  is this type of service.  Willy's answer to that is try this through many countries and many companies without this type of service.  Any small effort will convince you immediately that this is something that is not only important, it is absolutely necessary.

Will you take Willy's word on this type of idea after many quips, quotes and fun that Willy has had.  Yes, you should!  That is what Willy has to say today.

10-4 Willy

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