Saturday, July 03, 2010

Willy Says get the Oil Leak Fixed

Willy is tired of the fact that BP, the President, and all of the Worlds Smart Guys can't figure out how to stop a 10 inch pipe from leaking in the Gulf.  Well, Willy decided to check down at Juanita's Road Kill Bar and Cantina and see what the Rednecks down there might have to say.

Here are some of the comments and solutions:

  • Billy Bob Horton - What year was it that the U.S. sent a man to the moon and back.  - That was pretty smart - Where are the people that thought that up.
  • Angie Joe Lena - Why not send the President down there and use his ears as an oil skimmer - big enough to do the job - and might look like he is doing something besides playing golf with Joe "Mouth" Biden
  • Sammy Joe - lets send Al Gore down - he can grope it shut or if not - it has been so long since he put a lip lock on Tipper that he can't plant a lip lock on it and close it shut.
  • Jimmy Joe Williams - we can send the Democratic side of Congress - and especially Nancy Pelosi down to the gulf and let them remove the oil - should be a good method because they Suck big time.
Seriously now folks - I had to shut them down before this got nasty - give me one good redneck idea to shut this thing down.

Billy Bob Horton - a great and simple minded redneck said - Uhh - why not just start dropping a pipe down that is larger than the one that is there.  Keep putting joints on it until it reaches over the pipe down there to the service.  Seal it over below that pipe.  Now you have created a funnel pipe over this that goes from down there to surface.  All of the oil comes directly to the surface where it can be loaded on a boat or something.

Sounds to simple enough a Redneck could do it!
10-4 Willy

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