Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Willy wonders - is the End Near?

Willy is not a great Bible Scholar but is a great Bible Believer. In a study of Revelations - the end times it makes several statements that toward the end their will be times when things get worse than they have ever been before.
Willy is sitting hear this morning listening to the news. The things that stick in Willy's mind

  • Heat wave is coming over the nation - Probably the worst in history.
  • Oil Spill is worse ever - not a natural disaster - but a disaster that affects many
  • There are more earthquakes than ever before - even small little quakes in Arkansas that are coming more often than anyone would imagine.
  • Katrina in recent past - one of worst ever.
  • War - Killing more than ever before
  • Violence world wide - worst than ever before
  • Financial crisis - worse in many years
  • Unemployment and poverty - worst ever
 Willy believes every day the end is nearer.   Willy wonders how many are right with their Maker.  Willy hopes all of his loved ones are right with God.  This is important to not be left behind to deal with the tribulation that might come.  

Willy is not a doomsday prophet.  Willy is just being real and concerned about everyone.

10-4 Willy

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Sandee said...

I think gloom and doom are what sells and that's why you hear so much negative. We don't have television for that very reason.

Your weather is the hottest ever, but our weather in central California is the mildest in many years.

There have been much bloodshed since the beginning of time, but now you get the news immediately. I really don't think there is any more now than throughout history.

As for God...I agree with you on this one. We all should be ready to meet our maker.

Have a great day Willy. :)