Saturday, October 23, 2010

Catfish Bait - Willy Recommends!

Willy is a redneck and Willy knows catfish.  Willy knows that one of the most important things in catching catfish is the bait that a person uses.  Catfish Bait is made in all shapes and forms.  Catfish bait stinks and it is not for the faint at hard.  You can make Homemade Catfish Bait but why do that when you have a great source like Homemade Catfish Bait by Benny Roberts.

Willy hears that this is a good ole boy that has a Catfish Bait Recipe that is one of the best.   Willy understands that there are big ole catfish that has been caught with this great bait.  If you don't believe that their are big fish that have been caught with this bait, then you should go to this website and look at the pictures and testimonials.  Willy can say that these are good catfish.  

Willy just re-states that Willy knows catfish.  Willy also knows what catches catfish and Willy knows good catfish when he sees them.  Willy believes that this stuff will catch the catfish and as soon as Willy has a chance he will be putting this catfish bait in the water.

10-4 Willy


Sandee said...

We have lots of catfish in the California Delta. We don't fish, but we know lots of folks that do. They sure do put up a fight when you catch a catfish. Great show.

Have a terrific weekend Willy. :)

Ann said...

Cat fish in New Zealand and Borneo must be different from cat fish in America. They are not popular fish to eat.

When we were young, we dug for earth worms to catch tilapia.

Thanks for visiting. I shall love ot read why you don't like halloween.



Kay Dennison said...

I remember that my dad used to make catfish bait out of cornmeal and it worked pretty good in the rivers and Lake Erie and didn't smell bad. (And yeah, I've got country roots)

And no, I won't comment on politics except that the Democrats are tired of Blanche Lincoln, too. I can't afford to join the GOP -- they don't like poor people.

Glad you stopped by my place.