Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Snow in Arkansas

 Willy went to work today and stayed about two hours before the snow drove Willy home.  Let Willy rephrase that:  Willy did a poor job of driving Willy home.  The truck spun out once and when it finally stopped Willy had turned completely around and was facing the other direction in the road.  Lucky no one was coming. 

Willy came home and took a few pictures.  The first is of Gracie the dog playing in the snow.  She is not sure of how to take this.  Most of her steps are tiptoes.

The next picture is taken just because.  It gives an idea of the amount of snow that Willy has at his house.   Nothing spectacular about the picture.  Willy is putting it on here just because he wants to. 

The third picture is taken while Willy was standing in his garage.  It was warmer in the garage and at this time Willy really did not want to get out in the snow. 

Willy's daughter and husband live about one hour away.  They got out on a sled and four wheeler and had a big time.  Willy got out in the Garage and took this picture.  Willy told them to don't get hurt but have the most fun they can have.  Have fun while you are young and when you are old like Willy you can stand in the Garage and think about having fun.

10-4 Willy


Sandee said...

Looks like lots of folks had a snow day today. That's pretty ugly Willy. I'm glad I don't live in snow county.

Have a terrific day and stay warm. :)

rap songs said...

thats a bit too much snow for my liking.. enjoy!