Monday, February 07, 2011

Superbowl Needs to Go Country.

Willy is always disappointed when someone screws up the National Anthem.  Willy has been singing this since he was knee high to a moonshine jug and Willy knows the words.  Willy realizes that the Superbowl is a big venue and that it could make you nervous, but for goodness sake, if you think you are going to mess it up write it down.
Lets keep it country.  Faith Hill, has sung it and got it right.  Carrie Underwood has sung it and got it right. Many others have sung it and got it right.  Another thing about country singers is that most are good ole country boys and girls and realize what America means.

Maybe if you were going to have a Superbowl in Texas you might have gotten someone like George Strait.  Wow,  That might have even been a good half time show other than the Blackeyed Peas.  That was terrible.

Check out how the National Anthem should be sung - Faith Hill sings in 2006  - Best yet.


Sandee said...

You're right Willy. Awesome and done correctly.

Have a terrific day. :)

Traveling Bells said...

10-4 Willy. Country singers get the anthem sung correctly all the way!