Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Junkie?

Are you a  Christmas Junkie?   If you are you will like Willy.  Willy is crazy about Christmas.  Willy already has his Christmas tree up.  It is a fun, crazy colored, tree with feathers and crazy colored trinkets.   Willy sure likes Christmas.  

Well, in that same frame, Willy likes great Christmas and holiday photo cards.  These cards are fun to receive and to send.  Willy likes to put family, scenery and pets on these cards.  This is great fun to take these cards and post around the house or the office.  Willy thinks you would like these type of cards also.  Especially if you are a Christmas Junkie.
Do you have a great Christmas idea or a great Christmas card that you have used or designed over the years.  Well, if you do put a post out there with a link so Willy and the World can look at what types of cards or trees or whatever makes you a Christmas Junkie looking for a Christmas fix.

If you do this Willy and the world will say something such as a big 10-4


Traveling Bells said...

Christmas is my most fave season...not all the commercialism...but for all the other good stuff of family and friends. And the Reason for the Season...

Sandee said...

What Sandy Bell said. She's right on the money.

Have a terrific day Willy. :)