Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tebow Bow??

Willy believes that God does not care who wins the ball game.  Willy also hopes and believes that Tim Tebow believes the same thing.  Willy's goal isto give him the benefit of the doubt at this time.  Willy believes it was proven last night as the Bronco's took a whipping.  

Willy believes that we should all be as bold to express our belief before men.  Willy's Bible says that if we deny Him before men that He will deny us before His Father in Heaven.   It is therefore Willy's belief that Tebow is simply following what he has been told to do by our Great Creator.

Willy will believe that this is his motive as long as Willy does not see this Tebow bow in a commercial that he does.  That is when Willy will believe he is using a marketing ploy and not praying and confessing God before men.

That is Willy's thoughts for now.

10-4 Willy


Sandee said...

I find it refreshing. Everyone seems to have all the wrong role models anymore. I'm not into football, but I'm a Tebow fan. Just saying. I think Tebow is a good role model.

Have a terrific day Willy. :)

Ron said...

I think that Tim Tebow is a very religious person, being raised as such, and going to prisons to minister to inmates, and to hospitals and ministering to the sick and the young. I am a Tebow fan, simply because I feel he is a sincere person, and believes in his religion.

Willy said...

Willy agrees with Sandee and Ron. I find myself in discussion often defending what he does. I believe it is sincere. I just hope it does not appear with him doing his bow in a commercial or Willy might get a little discourage.

10-4 Willy