Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Living in Austin

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

When I moved to Texas I didn’t look into getting Direct TV Austin because I figured that I would not be home very much. I just graduated from college and found my first job, and I had this vision of me at bars and concerts four or five nights a week. Looking back, that was very naïve of me. When was I supposed to sleep? I knew I would be working a lot, but I thought I would have much more energy for a social life. I unfortunately find myself home more often than I thought I would. I am so tired when I leave work that I cannot muster the energy to go check out a band or have drinks with my friends. Going out on a weeknight is just not something I can do if I want to be productive at work the next day. I am thinking that not getting Directv was a terrible idea. I could really use some entertainment since I spend so much time at home alone. I’m going to look into getting that set up tomorrow.

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