Saturday, April 07, 2012

Willy's Story Continues

  Willy is gradually telling his story in amongst the other stuff that he does to pay the bills.   Willy has four previous entries that began to reveal the details that makes Willy what Willy is today.  If all of those great readers want to catch up you can do so here.  Other wise drop below and catch another small excerpt into the "Life of Willy"

Willy's Story

Willy and the Mailbox.

Willy's Early Life Continued

 Willy's Life and the Hog Killings


The Braceros

Daddy Willy was the local Bracero dealer.  A bracero was what we called Mexicans that were in the United States on work visas.  Back in that day - early 50's - we had a lot of cotton grown in the Texas Panhandle where Willy lived.  This cotton was picked by hand because these great old big cotton pickers of today had not been invented. 







Dad had a barracks where he housed the ones that worked locally and then had them to harvest our cotton along with hiring them out to the neighbors for a small fee.

Willy would go down in the evenings and weekends where they lived.  Willy was short and chubby.  When they would see Willy coming they would holler "Chiquito bowl of Cheriso"   or Little bowl of sausage.  Then they would go back to eating and playing their instruments.  Great music and fun.  10-4 Willy

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Sandee said...

Great story Willy. And now they just walk across the border and go to the local welfare office for assistance. Well that's what they do in California.

Have a terrific day. :)