Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thousands of FairTax supporters rock the house in Columbia, SC!


Dear FairTax supporters,

Nothing during my time at quite prepared me for the experience in
Columbia, SC last night.
In short, it was absolutely unbelievable.

For those who weren't there, just imagine 8,000-plus FairTax supporters, all
decked in FairTax shirts and hats, cheering their cause with pure abandon at
the Carolina Coliseum. Neal Boortz, John Stossel, Sean Hannity, and our own
Ken Hoagland, all took to the stage to rally for the FairTax. Even FairTax Jack
was on hand to inspire the crowd.

Add to the mix Representatives Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter and Governor
Mike Huckabee, all 2008 presidential candidates who not only made an appearance,
but unequivocally endorsed the Fair Tax. While all of the presidential candidates were
invited to attend, we are grateful that these three men took the time from their busy
debate preparations to join us. At this rate, we expect a lot more presidential face
time leading to the January primaries!

Then, literally thousands of supporters spilled into the Columbia streets. It was a
sight to see! And believe me, with the national media and presidential campaigns
in earshot, we were not only seen, but clearly heard.

We were heard not only in the streets, but in the debate, where the FairTax was
once again part of the discussion. We have placed a poll at the link and asking you, the American taxpayer, which
candidate provided the best response regarding the issue of tax reform/replacement.
I ask that each of you take the time to vote on this very important poll and
ask your family and friends to take part as well. It is time for us to learn who is
garnering the trust of FairTaxers on the tax issue.

I have always been proud to be part of the FairTax team, but last night was truly
extraordinary. I know we have lots of work to do in the days ahead; however, with
this level of support I am confident that our dream is within reach.

As Neal Boortz said as he left the stage last night, "We're rolling..."

Warmest regards,

David C. Polyansky
Chief Operating Officer

p.s. Keep the momentum going! Head to in the coming days
and check out pictures and videos from the rally.

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