Friday, May 25, 2007

Alien - Replacement -I need your Help!

Sometimes truth is harder to believe than fiction. I was the youngest of 8 children, born to a couple in the Panhandle of Texas. I was born in the year 1951.

Little is known about the fact that I immediately became a part of a government experiment that continues to this date. What experiment you ask? Well, think about what happened a few years earlier.

It was in 1947 that the infamous UFO Crash happened in Roswell, New Mexico. ( Roswell and my place of birth are about 175 miles apart. It has always been speculated from that crash that there were Alien beings captured and also a strange metal from the UFO’s that were both being experimented with during the next five years after the crash.

Well, what a coincidence. There were health and birthing issues which resulted in a bad hip for Baby Willy. The bad hip was a medical problem that the Doctors told my parents was something that would benefit mankind if they would allow some experimentation. Well in distraught that Baby Willy might go through life a cripple, Willy’s parents consented to an experiment of unknown origin or nature. They allowed Baby Willy to be taken away to “other places” for about one week.

A week later Baby Willy was returned to the hospital and the parents were allowed to take him home. They were told that the hip problems had been taken care of and that Baby Willy would grow up to be a healthy adult with no problems from the birthing issues.

Well, only until recently was the truth revealed to Willy. Willy has had no real problems with hips, with walking or with any other disabilities until just recently. It was just a few weeks ago that Willy’s left hip began to hurt. It was at that time that in the middle of the night a strange warming sensation would come from the hip and just a few nights later there was a sound coming from the hip as the heat was radiating that sounded much like a radio alert signal. The signal was very faint and very short. But Willy heard it.

The next day a government agent/Medical examiner came to Willy’s door and asked that Willy allow himself to come with him for an examination and explanation of the past and things to come in the future.

Well, the explanation was that Baby Willy had had an experimental hip transplant as a baby. The material for that transplant had come from the metal type substance that had made up the UFO that had crashed in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The government, through silent radio waves that were emitting from the hip material, has been monitoring Willy for over 55 years.

Well, now the government agents/Medical examiners/UFO enthusiasts want to surgically examine Willy’s long time hip transplant and see how the material has faired. Willy has to make a decision soon if he will allow this. Willy is told that this is vital to National Security, and to whether or not there is a truth that Illegal Aliens should be allowed in from Mexico (threw that in to see if anyone would really read this far).

This is a plea by Willy to know if there are others out there that have had this type of experiment and if so should Willy be willing, in the name of National Security, to allow surgery to inspect this hip material.

Comments please!


Panhandle Poet said...

The crash at Roswell was actually Illegal Aliens on their way to Texas. The metal in your hip is from a tortilla press found at the crash site amidst the remains of the Model T truck they were riding in. The government agents that you refer to were from Los Alamos, but at the time, that could not be revealed due to the continuing security cloak that was placed over that facility. They performed the surgery as part of a research project into alien intelligent life. In an effort to place the device as close as possible to the brain, it was implanted into the hip. This is due to the requirement that it be attached to bone rather than left to float in the gluteus maximus. These facts have been well known in the family for years. I guess someone should have informed you sooner.

Strawberry said...

As an outsider to this family - just let me say "BOLOGNA!!!" You are both wrong! The metal implanted into your hip, Willy, was from a test drill to the center of the earth. It is an unknown metal that reacts to a lack of brain waves, as brain waves signify intelligence. It does take time for the intelligence from previous areas to leave your system, thus the time delay. The highest concentration of intelligent life is in, of course, TEXAS. The lowest concentration is in (Do I have to say it?) Washington, D.C. The agent was sent to protect the good(?) people of Arkansas from Hillbilly syndrome - otherwise known as "Lack of Intelligent Life". OOOPS - looks like they are too late!!!

MotherPie said...

I hate to say I am a sucker but I still wondered, until I read those comments up there, if this was for real.

I'd be more concerned about that Pantex plant?

I always wondered, too, if the Bushspeak of Daddy and Shrub was a result of the ground water contamination or something. My Daddy botches his speech up, too. He also says "warsh" for "wash". Do ya'll do that, too?

CDO said...

I am not sure what you are asking Motherpie- I did just Warsh my car this weekend. But isn't that what everyone does. I am for shore that this is spoken correctly. That is what the president says and we know he makes no mistakes.

And as far as the Pantex Plant goes - I lived a few miles from it for about three years. - Do you think that is why I glow in the dark rather than the alien hip replacement.

10-4 Willy

Strawberry said...

We "warsh" and we're always fixing to do something! Everything is a fur piece away. Everything is at least 3 syllables long, even if Webster only shows 1!!!