Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho - its off to work I go!

Willy done decided that if he has another day like today at the old office that he aint going no more. It was quiet but boring. Nothing happening. By 10:00 Willy was hungry and thinking it should be noon. Man the day was moving slow!

Then the afternoon came - and all of it broke loose. If they could call they did call. If there was a problem to be had they were calling me about it.

Why oh why didn't the Good Lord make me rich instead of so good looking?

Work is great work is fun?
I'd like away from it to run.

Why does it happen to me?
Everything goes bad you see.

Complaints and calls
from everyone.

Oh for the day to be done.

Well so much for the feeble attempt at rhyme or poetry. Willy keeps thinking that if he keeps trying that it might come to him as smooth as it does to that Panhandle Poet. Cause you know he is a smooth writing feller.

10-4 Willy

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Strawberry said...

That sounds about like my day! Sorry for that. Is it a Full Moon, Monday or Friday the 13th?!