Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Halloween Costume Contest - Willy dresses up?

Willy done checked out this great Halloween costume contest. Willy also checked out some of the great Star Costumes at this great site to get some ideas for a costume for VME in New Orleans.

Well it looks like this costume contest could win some Hillbilly a great trip to New Orleans. Willy done sees this as a great contest. Here is what they are giving:

Rewards: Grand Prize: One winner, chosen by Star Costumes, wins 2 three day passes, $1000 for travel & lodging, $100 to and will be featured on their site.

2nd Place: One winner, chosen by highest score, will win a $100 credit at Star Costume's website.

Most Viral: One winner, who gets the most attention across the internet, will win a $100 credit at Star Costume's website. About Most Viral.

Sweepstakes: One registered member of Brickfish that participates in the campaign by entering, voting or reviewing will have a chance to win a $100 credit at Star Costume's website. See rules for details.

Well on to Willy's Design -- Let Willy think what is the Scariest thing on this planet today! Wow! Willy knows what is real Scary and here is a short poem about it.

Give me a Voodoo Doll
To Stick in pins and Stick in Needles
Willy had rather eat dirty Beedles
Than anyone to ever say he Sez
Look over there it is Madam Prez!

Willy's design for the scariest costume is a Hillary look-a -like dressed in devilish attire.

The Hillary look-a-like would have dark evil eyes. There would be a hint of the hair protruding up like small devilish horns. The look-a-like would have a Voodoo wand that would real faintly Hillary sticks it to you.

Willy aint much of an artist for drawing but below is a picture of how the Hillary-look-a-like head might appear. Maybe I can design the rest of the costume and get it posted later.

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