Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where is Jacques D'Azur...?

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Legend of Cannes and a God among men Jacques D'Azur is missing and help is desperately needed. The French film producer/director/actor/tennis player/chess master/backgammon champion/waterskiing pioneer and full time bon-vivant known for his work on the red carpets, swimming pools, and silk sheets of the French Riviera hasn't been seen since last week. Needless to say, his extremely wealthy family is distraught.

Jacques D’Azur was reported lost at sea on his yacht near Tahiti, on his traditional pre-Cannes film festival vacation. He was 70.

Armed with a winning smile and hypnotic charisma, Jacques D’Azur was the movie star’s movie star. While most actors only played at being suave, charming, desirable leads, Jacques D’Azur actually was.

Jacques D’Azur leaves no immediate kin, but an extensive last will and testament included an unidentified name that was heir to his lavish weekend at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The official partner of the Cannes Film Festival, Stella Artois 4%, are helping with the search for Jacques’ true heir, and have created a website, which it is hoped will spread the word and identify this person. It is rumored the heir could be someone with little or no previous connection to Jacques D’Azur or Cannes.

Stella Artois 4% have now released a series of videos in the hope of finding Jacques - friends, socialites, hoteliers all recounting his popularity - please do have a look, see if you can recognize him and help us find him by posting on your website in the hopes of at least finding an heir to go to Cannes in his place.

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