Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Willy and Fly Fishing

Willy has always wanted to fish but has never done it much. Willy gets invites often to go bass fishing with a great guy that Willy does business with and Willy is going to try to do that this summer.

However, recently Willy has watched some one close to him take a shot a fly fishing. This young man has even started tying flies and doing the whole thing. One of the neatest things is to see him catch trout on a fly that he has tied.

Well, Willy has decided to take up this Fly Fishing thing. Willy has the Fly rod and some flies and some waders and looks pretty good. Willy has taken the pole in the back yard and practiced some and it seemed pretty easy.

A couple of Sundays ago Willy took the pole and the waders and the whole garb and went to the river. Needless to say the whole thing is a lot different when you are standing in waist deep water that is about 40 degrees.

Willy did all the things he thought was right but no fish decided to get on Willy's line. People on both sides of Willy was catching fish every now and then.

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