Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Willy Rocks with Tony's Pizza!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Tony's Pizza. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tony's Pizza was kind enough to ask Willy to try their pizza and give them an honest feedback about their pizza. WOW! - Honest enough for most of you isn't it. Yes, Willy just used his coupon to get Tony's Pizza and Willy says it has to be WOW. That is good enough response to tell you what Willy thinks.

Can Willy spell CRISPY. Willy never thought he could get pizza at such a small price that would probably be so good and so crispy. Willy is not too good with the video or pictures or Willy would be glad to give each of you a big ole Redneck expression of how good it is in visual form. But since that is not going to happen Willy now just has to say WOW and CRISPY!

Willy is coming up with an idea. Willy has to provide food for about 100 volunteers for a fundraiser in a few weeks and Willy was struggling with what to feed the hungry masses. Willy now knows that Tony's Pizza may be an alternative. Willy will have the facilities to get them hot and serve them Crispy just like Willy says they are.

Does this give anyone else out there any ideas how Tony's Pizzas might be used for them. By the way, Willy is giving a coupon to his daughter and her husband because Willy wants them to say WOW also.

Willy says a big 10-4 to Tony's Pizza

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