Saturday, May 22, 2010

Willy and Technical Difficulties

Willy finds technical problems very cumbersom.  The reason is that it causes Willy to have to talk to people over the phone that are hard to understand and who seem to want to fix the problems if it were only in their area.

They always want to refer me to someone else.

For instance – Willy bought a new computer a month ago.  When Willy had worked a week and had everything set up the way that he wanted it Willy found that most of his available memory was about gone.  The 300 gb hard drive had been partitioned wrong and the part that was supposed to be recovery was the main storage – about 25 gb and the part that was to be storage was very small.  Willy called support and got someone who could not talk english and after an hour I relented to having someone come out and pay $40 for something that was supposed to be free – if i sent it in and gave them two weeks.

They came out and fixed the problem by replacing the hard drive.  Everything is gone.  Willy has to reset everything up again and this is no small task.  Also, the display that is actually a HD display is showing up as a very generic and very plain display that does not work properly.  Back to the drawing board.  Willy has to talk again to figure it out.   Took several days.  Finally back close to where Willy has been before.

What can go wrong next?

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