Saturday, May 29, 2010

Willy gets some rest?

Willy is ready for the long weekend.  Willy wants to honor those folks who have died or those who are giving their time so that Willy can be safe.  Thanks to the Military.

Willy is going to do what this weekend.  Probably nothing.  Willy will probably go to the Rock with the wife to run a few errands.  Willy will probably come home and mow the yard.  Willy will probably do some blogging.  Willy will probably watch Bryce Molder play some golf and hope that he can hold up during the weekend.

Willy will probably go to church.  Willy will probably go hit some golf balls.  Willy will probably do all of this and then go back to work Tuesday tired and worn out after a "long restful"  Weekend.

Willy might even read a book such as Breach of Trust or listen to a cd such as Exile on Main Street

10-4 Willy

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