Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Willy checks out the Candidates at the Cantina

Willy went down to Juanita's Road Kill Grill and Cantina yesterday evening to see how many of the candidates had been buy the Cantina trying to get your vote.  Well, here is what Willy found out.

Blanche Lincoln had been buy wearing a silly hat saying something like "when a women wears a hat she means business"  Well, Sammy Bob yelled out that she looked as bad as his ugly ex wife and he could not vote for someone that was that ugly.  

Billy Bob asked her how she stood on a couple of issues and by the time she had gotten through talking out of both sides of her mouth and lying both times, Billy Bob took another drink and declared that she was still ugly.

Juanita said the Robbie Wills had been buy and just kept playing with that little block that he uses in his advertisement and calls a "do nothing"  He declared that in serving Arkansas he would do 10 times what this little tool does.  Well, Willy aint good at math but 10 x 0 is still NOTHING.

Then there was Gilbert Baker.  He kept asking "Where is the Pulpit"  He likes that ad where he stands out in the field acting like a preacher and yelling and looking a little like a crazed farmer in a suit.  The problem is that Gilbert probably never touched a drink in his life but he sometimes comes across looking sillier than Sammy Joe after a big Saturday night at the Cantina and just wanders around looking silly.   Is there substance there.  Maybe so.  Willy secretly kind of likes this guy.

So does Juanita think you should do at the poll today.  She believes that you should vote for Democrat and for Bill Halter.  She believes that this would get rid of Blanche Lincoln regardless.  Then she would want you to vote in the General election later as Republican and vote for Boozeman to beat Halter.

Well, that is what Willy learned at the Cantina.  Can you VOTE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!

10-4 wILLY

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Sandee said...

If we just had someone worth voting for. That's the tough part.

Have a terrific day Willy. :)