Monday, August 23, 2010

Are You Ready

Are you Ready for some Football.  Willy is ready.  Willy is excited about the fact that the Razorbacks are looking like they are hot this season starting out at #17.

What do you think the Hawgs will do this year.  Do you think they can stick in there and get to use the hot hand of Ryan Mallett to the point of going all the way to number 1.  Can the Razorbacks and Petrino be the hottest team in America.10-4 Willy

Can the Razorbacks be #1 when it comes to the great end of the season.

Willy believes it is the year of the Hog. 

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Sandee said...

I don't know anything about football. We just aren't into sports one bit, but you have a terrific time. I hope your team wins.

Have a terrific day. :)