Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Willy wants to know if their toys are inspired by Gulliver's Travels?  Why do you think that Willy might think that?  Well, the reason is that the company we are looking at this evening is a toy retailer who sells many things but one of the most predominant is products from Lilliputiens

Lilliputiens is a French toy manufacturer, which is producing quality toys for babies.  Ok.  Where does the story go from there.  Well, the link in this post takes you to a great looking web site which is written in some other language which I believe is German.   But now back to the web site.

The site shows great toys for the little ones.  The site shows things like little and neat stuffed animals, birds, bees and many other stuffed novelty items for babies.  The site appears to let you look at all of these and make excellent selections, if you can read what it says. 

I see farm animals, jungle animals, stuffed books with a place for a picture of the baby and most anything else in toys that you might want.

For the record this is a nice looking sight but strange that they would want me to promote it when I can't read it.

10-4 Willy

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Shygirl said...

The site is written in Danish, but is on a German domain.